Zermatt. Val d’Isère. Cortina d'Amezzo. Neom.

Enjoy fantastic skiing in Saudi Arabia

NEOM is a Saudi Arabian giga-project in the North West of the Kingdom. And although nowhere near completion, it has a habit of taking people by surprise.

A 170 kilometre long city in a building known as The Line.

A floating manufacturing and logistics hub called Oxagon.

A flora & fauna regeneration scheme on a scale the world has never seen before.

And now, a ski resort destined to host the Winter Olympics. Trojena is its name and yesterday, it broke ground.

Innovative engineering and sustainability practices will combine to realise the vision for Trojena.The ski village itself will be vertical. Luxurious rooms and villas will be built into the rock face of a sheer mountain. Renewable energy will power not just the village, but the entire resort. Trojena will host upwards of 700,000 visitors every year, and will be home to 7,000 residents. Competitive professionals will enjoy fantastic skiing in Saudi Arabia.

Changing Perceptions

When most people think of Saudi Arabia, images of sand and little else spring to mind. But the truth is, snow-covered mountains have long been a characteristic of this corner of the kingdom. This spectacular dimension to the NEOM giga-project will go a long way to changing the perception of the Kingdom as just a desert.

Machine-made Snow

To ensure the slopes are perfectly suited to high grade skiing throughout the season, 75% of them will be machine-made snow. This is different to the artificial variety – it’s real snow made with water and air, with no chemical additives. This is the NEOM way. Sustainability is the cornerstone of the giga-project’s investment allure. Their environmental conscience is a marker for generations to come.

But it doesn’t stop just at the ingredients. The water comes from desalination plants with zero footprint. And they’ll recycle the melted snow that will accumulate under the slopes.

This is, literally, taking the high ground in adventure tourism and sustainability.

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