The Next Arabian Renaissance is Here

Riyadh Expo 2030 Announced I’m a westerner and I spent seven years of the previous decade in the United Arab Emirates. The news of Riyadh winning the bid to host World Expo 2030 came as no surprise at all. The volume and speed of societal progress recently has been barely comprehensible in the Kingdom and […]

NEOM about to Prove its Worth to the World, not just the Kingdom

Giga-project launches NEOM Investment Fund (NIF) NEOM should no longer be considered a Saudi Arabian project, but a global flag bearer for a sustainable future. That’s the message the Kingdom is sending out with the establishment of the NEOM Investment Fund. Another message might be: we can no longer think of NEOM as just a […]

Saudi Arabia Looks East for Nuclear Solutions

Right now, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) is considering a Chinese bid to build a nuclear power plant in the Kingdom. He’s deadly serious about this, as are the Chinese. But according to the Wall Street Journal, he is sending a clear signal to Washington that unless they drop their non-proliferation stance, he will […]

Saudi Arabia Invited to Join BRICS

Maybe the Alliance will Actually Achieve Something Now If I walk out into my garden and look towards the north west, I can just see in the distance the location of the BRICS conference, where Saudi Arabia has been invited to join BRICS. It sits smack bang in the middle of the richest square kilometre […]

Zermatt. Val d’Isère. Cortina d'Amezzo. Neom.

Enjoy fantastic skiing in Saudi Arabia NEOM is a Saudi Arabian giga-project in the North West of the Kingdom. And although nowhere near completion, it has a habit of taking people by surprise. A 170 kilometre long city in a building known as The Line. A floating manufacturing and logistics hub called Oxagon. A flora […]

KSA’s XVRS: Cognition at the Heart of the Metaverse

The future is cognitive, and NEOM is here to ensure it. And despite being a project in KSA, it is actually a global project above all else. But NEOM’s projects go beyond the realm of reality to delve into one of this era’s main focal points, the metaverse. But a little more complex. In fact, […]

KSA’s Newest LEAP

Saudi Arabia is Nokia’s biggest market in the Middle East and Africa, and it plays a significant role in society in the nations where it does business. Accordingly, Nokia sees Saudi Arabia as a crucial market. The company is dedicated to offering the most cutting-edge technologies. Including 5G. To help the country develop a robust […]