Google’s AI Celebrity Chatbots Are Coming

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Google Labs is working on the development of new AI-powered chatbots that can simulate personalities or imitate existing figures, as well as celebrities.

According to a report by The Information, this new product will create customizable chatbots that will allow users to specify their personalities and their appearances. These AI-powered chatbots will be powered by Google’s Gemini models and will enhance conversational abilities and make it more natural.

Need for Influencers

The search engine company is currently working on the formation of partnerships with influencers to develop AI celebrity chatbots based on their personas. Yet, Google did not provide any details related to the names of the influencers it is considering partnering with.

It is worth mentioning that this kind of chatbots is not new on the market. There are startups, such as that have already created something similar, established by former Google engineer, Noam Shazeer. There is also Meta, who introduced AI chatbots that are based on well-known celebrity personalities, such as Snoop Dogg.

Google’s new project will reportedly be led by Ryan Germick, an expert executive famous for his work on Google Doodles, along with a dedicated team of ten members. However, and according to the report, despite their potential, these chatbots could be only available on Google Labs, instead of being widely rolled out.

YouTube Integration Planned

In the future, the tech giant is considering potentially integrating these chatbots into YouTube, which will offer users an experience that is similar to what Meta and Instagram provide with their AI-driven chatbots. This step could also enable users to interact with the chatbots that are created based on their preferred YouTube celebrity directly within the platform.

As for the as to why Google made the choice of focusing on YouTube is because it has a massive user base and the engaging nature of video content published on it, creating a more creative and interacting experience.

User Adoption Crucial for Success

It seems that this technology has potential, as it shows that Google is always working to improve its AI capabilities, mainly in conversational part however the success of these chatbots will be measured based on its adoption by users and their engagement

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