Baidu to Finish Testing Chatgpt-Style Project ‘Ernie Bot’ in March

China’s Baidu Inc said on Tuesday it would complete internal testing of a ChatGPT-style project called “Ernie Bot” in March, joining a global race as interest in generative artificial intelligence (AI) gathers steam. Ernie,meaning “Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration,” is a large AI-powered language model introduced in 2019, Baidu said. It has gradually grown to […]

Health on Demand: The Benefits of Chatbots in Medicine

People had difficulty meeting their healthcare needs ten years ago because healthcare was constantly changing. However, an AI with the ability to assist, called chatbot, eventually appeared. With its advanced AI technology and friendly demeanor, it became the go-to companion for anyone needing quick and accurate health information. The job of the chatbot is to […]