GPT to Power Apple’s Next-Gen AppleCare Services

Apple Inc. is cooking something that’s going to make their customers experience seamless with the unleashing of their secret intelligent weapon, Ajax, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in Power On.

Just a fancy way of saying: an AI model that’s been fed a lot of data to make it, well, artificially intelligent. Basically, Siri on steroids.

So, yeah, Apple’s not messing around with this one as it plans on integrating it to its Apple Care services. It’s all about enhancing its customer care experience.

With Apple implementing GPT to its AppleCare services, the iPhone parent aims to deliver a sophisticated chatbot with a better understanding of customers questions.

Just like a real human.

Naturally, if the company’s history taught us anything, Apple prioritized safety above all else, especially when it comes to AI. The OS developer is learning from OpenAI and Google’s mistakes and striving to avoid any security mishaps in the future – such as going rogue and generating harmful or misleading responses. We’re talking OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard vibes, but with an Apple twist.

Apple is working closely with the OpenAI – ChatGPT’s parent company – to guarantee its chatbot remains secure and a reliable source of information. So, it is evident that Apple is far from rushing into this chatbot frenzy taking over the tech sector and the world. CEO Tim Cook has been vocal about the potential pitfalls that comes with AI.

In last May’s earnings call, Cook mentioned that there still remains “a number of issues that need to be sorted” when having to deal with AI. So, to those wondering why the company has yet to make a big GPT announcement, the answer is protection. The Cupetino-based company is being very cautious before jumping into the AI pool headfirst.

As for next year, rumor has it that Apple’s got some big AI news up their sleeves.