How AI continues to influence the World of Telecoms

Most telecoms businesses are capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence. But what aspects of Telecoms is AI being used for? Nearly every telecoms company uses AI to improve its customer service. The use of virtual assistants and chatbots enable for more efficient services to be delivered. Virtual assistants automate and scale responses to these support requests which means a more time- and cost-effective service for customers. A clearer channel for complaints is made more accessible with an automated system for customer satisfaction queries and the structure enables the automation to escalate customer queries accordingly. Identifying and reacting to a problem also helps businesses find opportunity in every challenge presented. Complaints help strengthen the nature of their services and help shape future products, which is an essential part of growth in telecoms.

But for telecoms to fully optimize automation, implementation must be done correctly by maximizing all relevant data in the system. This requires an end-to-end view of the infrastructure. Achieving this requires exceptional expertise to customize the right models and tools for each individual business.

  • With the deployment of high-speed data networks, there is a substantial growth in customer demand for data on mobile and fixed networks thus the telecoms market and high-speed broadband is evolving at a fast rate.
  • Serving the needs of the consumers are offered in the form of converged automated services made possible by AI technology.