Fayza Bjayou

Advantages and drawbacks of Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition achieved by VUI (Voice User Interface) is the ability for a programmed machine to respond to voice command. With the efficiency and convenience associated to the technology, it is fast becoming a way to help bridge the gap in professional task management and daily activities. Voice recognition is becoming more sophisticated and reliable, […]

Cryptocurrency - Adapting to the changes in Financial Technology

Recently, it seems that the global community has jumped aboard the digital currency bandwagon with China’s exploration of a digital yuan, to Facebook’s Libra. Now, Japan are working on a proposal for the county, to issue its own digital currency – the digital yen. This is said to be a joint initiative between the government and […]

Deep Learning developments underway to support AI

For those who are not familiar with the term deep learning – this concept involves a more developed aspect of machine learning methods. It is related to algorithms inspired by the structure of the brain, to help construct artificial neural networks that involves multiple levels of representation. Deep learning explores artificial neural networks, using brain […]

Management of Passwords and Cyber Security

The password is the most commonly used mechanism to access mobile devices, networks, computers and accounts. As citizens of a digital society with multiple devices at our finger tips, and with access to more remote services, security requirements intensify. This can present challenges in the practice and management of passwords, especially in times of stress. […]

The role of immersive technologies in the telecom industry

Immersive technologies can have a defining role in the world of telecoms, creating a broad scope of opportunities to support the changing, complex nature of the telecoms landscape. The industry at present, makes large investments in maintaining and developing its infrastructure, to ensure that technology across industries is represented by seamless, uninterrupted services. Deploying augmented […]

In-flight connectivity – A channel of revenue for Telecommunication Service Providers

Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs), recognize in-flight connectivity as a potential new avenue for revenue growth. Collaboration between both airlines and mobile network operators, offer each the opportunity to increase their value. With over 80 airlines currently offering WiFi onboard, there is an increasing demand for high-quality connectivity during a flight. Research has shown, that the […]

Security Vulnerabilities of Border Gateway Protocol

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a fundamental support system of the internet. It is designed to exchange routing and reachability info among autonomous systems on the internet. This important tool is essential for network stability. Security vulnerabilities of BGP can lead to heightened attack risks that can impact our businesses and many aspects of society. […]

Streaming Services – Stretching the scope of entertainment

TV streaming services, have unequivocally changed our viewing habits. Technical advances have significantly improved connectivity and convenience and the world of streaming has enabled people to customize their viewing experience to suit their area of interest. In the recent years, the rise of Netflix and other services have enticed us into a binge-watching culture, enjoyed […]

A snapshot of India’s growing telecoms market

India is recognized as the second largest market globally, of telecoms subscriptions, internet subscribers and app downloads. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete Forecast, the number of internet subscribers in India, is expected to double to 829 million by 2021, with further mention of the country having 2 billion networked devices by […]

Telecommunication fiber optic cables shed light on thunderstorm activity

Thunderstorms and natural hazards are often powerful occurrences that may have adverse effects on humans and our environment. As we have seen, communities all over the world are increasingly affected by natural hazards which may include, wildfires, droughts, floods, tsunamis. Often, science and technology work hand in hand to help scientists explore and investigate nature […]