How can SMS boost your business?


Everyone’s basic aim is to make more money but generating revenue and achieving targets can present many challenges. If you own an SME or work for one, increasing profit margins can seem daunting. Indeed, SME’s are fighting for their right to exist, competing against other well-established businesses.

How can SMEs compete against bigger businesses?

In marketing, Return on Investment (ROI) is not a direct formula and can often fall into a grey area. Social media, email campaigns, door to door sales, one-to-one messaging can help make things easier, however, the impact of the medium, campaign, or effort cannot be quantified so easily. Even with the application of performance metrics, it is never easy to calculate the direct impact of your investment.  

Think about it…

Despite the overwhelming wave of social media engagement, SMS remains to be a preferred communication/alerts channel. SMS is an efficient and cost-effective option for smaller businesses and a valuable tool that can help support a wide variety of campaigns in any sector. Many marketing specialists agree that SMS has one of the highest conversion rates but must be utilized more to enhance strategy and business prospects.

If you have reasons to believe that people don’t want to receive a text from you, think again. SMS is a better and more effective way of breaking through the noise and clutter of emails and application notifications. SMS marketing provides any size of business with a large number of possibilities to optimize corporate position strategy .

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