How IT leaders sailed through the pandemic storm

From the onset of the pandemic, IT leaders had to buckle up and get cracking.

Managing wildly unexpected waters, IT teams and leaders around the globe successfully mitigated entire workforces to a work from home-enabled environment and rolled out support for virtual teams.

For several companies, it was evident that the unsung hero that ushered in this smooth navigation was a resilient culture.

For businesses that weren’t able to build a resilient culture based on agility and transformation, COVID-19-imposed conditions are having crippling effects.

While organizations began to settle into their recent strategies that enable collaboration and productivity, IT leaders had their minds elsewhere.

Their attention was redirected towards polishing and refining the IT culture moving forward. The pillars that constitute their new approach are remaining agile, adjusting strategies, and cultivating new work approaches.

When addressing pandemic related issues, IT leaders found that maintaining a strong communication-oriented culture and nurturing company morale are essential to weather the pandemic’s storm.  

The pandemic magnified the need to be present and easily accessible. IT leaders should be focused on building a sense of camaraderie and community through means of teamwork and investing in collaboration tools that will expedite the feeling of being connected.

An integral part of enabling a culture of connection means making sure employees have everything they might need to work remotely and maintain productivity.

Several companies begun placing a stronger importance on mental health and providing resources and forums to help support employees with anxiety or depression amid nationwide lockdowns.

For other IT leaders, the pandemic offered a valuable chance for team members to open up and show a more vulnerable side as they engaged in critical team building exercises that helped increase their teamwork and productivity.