Pandemic propels mobile gaming

mobile gaming

As the pandemic continues to spread, we may start to think about all the time we spend between the four walls amid lockdown and quarantine; the countless swipes, scrolls and clicks that help us get through the days, and when the day comes to an end, the one mobile game we turn to.

Whether you’re into Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Among Us, PUBG, or Call of Duty, it’s rather easy to see that mobile games have grown to become an integral part of our smartphone experience. To the extent that some smartphones are being specifically manufactured and designed as gaming smartphones.

With developments in tech and gaming such as Cloud Gaming, AR/VR, and miraculous connectivity speeds, it seems inevitable that the mobile gaming industry will present its fair share of next generation gaming platforms.

While it may seem that the pandemic has put brakes on the industry, the reality is somewhat different; with smartphone penetration on the rise and increasing demands for connectivity, the mobile gaming industry is booming.

The latest worldwide smartphone penetration rate is at an all-time high of 41.5 percent with 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, and when it comes to playing games on your phone, studies unsurprisingly reveal that there are 2.51 billion mobile gamers worldwide.

But lets back-track for a bit. Prior to 2020, the industry was undoubtedly experiencing higher demand, however it wasn’t of this magnitude. As the BusinessofApps indicated in its report, mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people to 1.75 billion per month, scoring a 46 percent increase throughout the months of February to March.

But wait! What caused the spike in this period? Most obviously, the Coronavirus.

Following the global outbreak, nations were forced into lockdowns, leaving people with even more time to spend looking at screens in search of entertainment. The pandemic has certainly propelled the growth of the gaming industry in general, and on a macro level, gaming with your smartphone.

Right now, more than 50 percent of mobile gamers are older than 34. Yes, anyone can be a gamer today. What is also a shock to learn is that right now, 63 percent of mobile gamers are women, another report indicated.

With advancements in smartphones and the introduction of mobile game engines, we have witnessed an increase of mobile gamers that are oriented towards people of any age. Take popular Call of Duty, or PUBG mobile as a case.

Prior to them being available on mobile phones, gamers had to invest in a gaming console, gaming screen and controllers, if they wanted to enjoy a shooter game. Not to mention the challenges older people face when it comes to setting it all up and playing – it’s just not as simple for them as it is for the younger generations.

Right now, all it takes is a maximum of 10 clicks, a keyword search for the game of your choice, a small download waiting time – and you’re ready to shoot em up while kicking back on the couch with your smartphone in hand.

The pandemic has certainly propelled the mobile gaming industry several steps ahead. The wait now is for 5G to be fully introduced – opening up new avenues for gaming and a plethora of features that will change the way we game with our phones.