Mounir Jamil

Junior social media strategist with a degree in business. Passionate about technology, film, music and video games.

Ivermectin – Newest Vaccine Warrior

Just when we thought we are on the losing side of the COVID-19 pandemic, a snowball effect was set in motion when the world first got wind of the what the Internet has dubbed the COVID-19 wonder drug – Ivermectin. While we still await a recognized effective treatment or vaccines for the pandemic, Ivermectin – […]

Google CEO pledges $150 million in COVID-19 Fight

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced early last week on Twitter that the U.S.-based tech mammoth Google will be “providing more than $150 million to promote vaccine education and equitable distribution and making it easier to find locally relevant information.” Pichai also added that Google spaces were to serve as vaccination sites. The search engine exec […]

UK Hospitals Explore Blockchain Tech Remedies

With tech putting its best foot forward when it comes to battling the pandemic, the fight for widespread vaccination is another battlefront that has also commenced and is in it’s prime right now. For the battle of widespread immunizations, U.K. National Health Services (NHS) have taped blockchain tech as part of their arsenal against COVID-19. […]

Birth of Autonomous Vehicles

Global transportation in general was one the main victims of the pandemic that has literally crippled this sector. Authorities in most countries have either shut down borders, or applied stringent conditions to limit private cars and public transport movement to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Faced with this dilemma, tech companies went back to […]

Pandemic Winners, Losers, and the Underdog

As our society reflects in agony upon the devastation caused by the pandemic, one can’t help but examine the direct effects of this deadly virus on our daily work in offices and closed rooms. This reflection also leads us to the big question: which companies remained standing on boxing ring? It’s safe to say that […]

How the pandemic changed the Startup playing field

The pandemic has left its mark on businesses far and wide, however when it comes to the startup industry – things do not go as expected. With COVID-19 bringing with it several structural transformations that lie ahead for businesses, certain trends become more evident and examinable. We can see a filtration effect taking place in […]

Did the Pandemic bring the next Tech Bubble?

As the winds of the tech world keep on turning, updates brought forward by the pandemic and changes in the playing field can be clearly seen. This comes at a time when some experts speculate that we are on the verge of another tech bubble almost similar to the real estate bubble witnessed by Dubai […]

Smart Homes: Tech making our indoor time friendlier

As people around the world have been locked away behind the walls of their homes, an enhanced focus has been placed to perfecting everything on the inside to maximize levels of comfort and productivity needed on a daily basis. The pandemic has forced us into a new reality where we look toward at new avenues […]

Edge Computing in the wake of the Pandemic

With the pandemic constantly challenging us to put our best tech forward, we hope to have lived up to the challenge, and maybe even more. COVID-19 really demonstrated how fast we can breathe life into new ideas and technologies that are already proving their value and worth. A significant challenge that the pandemic has brought […]

IoT Impact: The pandemic propeller effect

With the advent of the pandemic, we notice some its laminating effects on technologies that are on the rise. More optimistically, we can begin to see the silver lining COVID-19 has had on technologies – more specifically the positive impact on the Internet of Things (IoT). The year 2020 will set out to be a […]