How to install Optical Fiber Internet?

So far, the world’s most reliable source for fast internet is optical fiber internet, and the hassle tagging along the process of installing these prized lusters of internet light will be worth every user’s effort.

For those intrigued with the mechanism of installing a fiber-optic connection, here’s what you need to know.

First, to understand the process, one must understand the functionality and the nature of optical fiber internet.

Fiber has already proved itself to be a fundamental part of the world’s internet exposure as it is considered the nucleus of any internet connection since any network union is created from a massive fiber connection.

So, how does one take the lead in personally installing a fiber network?

In its initial phase, for the installation to begin, you must check if your Initial Service Provider (ISP) does not need a technician to create the fiber optic connection. Once this aspect is cleared out of the way, you can initiate your self-installation of the world’s fastest and most stable internet connection.

Locating the fiber network terminal is a crucial step as it will set the stage for the steps to follow. You need to make sure your residence has an optical network terminal (ONT), known as fiber jack, to connect your house to the main network set by the provider.

It is worth mentioning that in case the house does not have an ONT, you will need to acquire a technician’s help to finalize the technicality process before initiating the network implementation.

Once the ONT is set in place, the following step would be connecting the network box to the terminal, done with an Ethernet cable that comes with the network box. The process is simple, plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the terminal, then connect the other end with the right port of the network box, and you’d be set to move to the next step.

After connecting your network to the fiber terminal, plug the network box into electricity and wait 15 minutes for the box’s lights to stop blinking before connecting any device to the network box.

Before setting up the WiFi network, connect your computer to your gateway before creating your wireless network. Once the device is connected, the box will create a WiFi network by default.

Immediately after the network comes to life, your screen will reveal a page for you to set your home WiFi network’s name and password, and you’d be set to enjoy fast internet with a 1Gpbs speed optical fiber connection, 10 to 20 times faster than 50 to 100 Mbps cable.