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Rounding Up the Gigabit Broadband Rollout As part of the Government’s commitment to “levelling up”, full fibre broadband is being rolled out to millions of homes and businesses across the UK. But are we on track to meet the 2030 full fibre target? Here, Guy Miller, CEO of wholesale fibre network operator MS3 Networks, rounds […]


The UK government is on a mission to level up the nation, improve living standards and fight regional inequality. Internet access plays a vital role. But to tackle such deep-rooted issues requires a different, stronger approach to what’s been used before. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre network operator MS3 Networks explains why alternative […]

Full Fiber

How Will the Full Fibre Rollout Benefit Everyone in the UK? Superfast broadband was supposed to be the solution to all of our home internet problems but many have realised that, as it relies on the decades-old copper network, it simply isn’t fit for a future online world. Technological changes mean that moving forward, we […]

So far, the world’s most reliable source for fast internet is optical fiber internet, and the hassle tagging along the process of installing these prized lusters of internet light will be worth every user’s effort. For those intrigued with the mechanism of installing a fiber-optic connection, here’s what you need to know. First, to understand the process, […]

The next time your home internet connection is struggling; to load a website, a round of Warzone is lagging or Netflix keeps buffering while you’re binging that new series — take a few minutes to troubleshoot. Start by checking your internet connection’s speed, while amplifying any perceived connection issues from your internet service provider is […]

Libya’s government-owned telecom Hatif Libya signed on Monday an agreement to improve its fiber optic network with an U.S.-based supplier of open optical networking solutions called Infinera.  This project will provide access to internet and mobile services in Libyan areas that were not covered previously by the network and improve the quality and reliability of services for all customers.   Infinera will install Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) technology, that will enable the Libyan company to dynamically […]