How to use Apple Pay: Your Simple Guide

As one of the Big Tech giants, Apple has delivered its user-base with a way to make payments in payments in person, in iOS applications and Safari. Here, we deliver a simple guide as to how to use Apple Pay.

Technology has reshaped how we live our lives, taking a new venture every day to help make it easier, and for online shoppers, the gadget we carry in our pocket is delivering the needed means to shift the most basic forms of payment infrastructure of the economy.

Mobile payment and digital wallet services by some of the biggest tech companies, such as Apple and Google, have delivered a much more secure way of fulfilling payments without having to pull out their credit card at a register.

Here, we will guide you on how to get Apple Pay to simplify your payment operation.

How does Apple Pay work?

The Big Tech giant delivered its users with a secure way of completing payments without having to deal directly with a bank. Apple Pay is the ideal example of how technology has intertwined itself into our day-to-day tasks to deliver faster and convenient results to simplify life.

credit: Apple

By substituting the physical card and fiat currencies, Apple is an easier and much more safeguarded way of conducting private payments, no matter the location – be it physical or online. If you simply want to conduct a payment or send out money to someone, this kind of a digital wallet provides a modern way of managing payments.

The first step should be to know how to use your Apple wallet to proceed with the steps to follow.

Users can set up their apple pay by scanning their credit or debit card information into the Wallet application on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Macbook. Then, follow the bank’s instructions, and there you go, the card is in the Wallet app.

Accessibility is at your hands, and using Apple Cash with the app will facilitate sending and receiving money by simply accessing your iMessage app.

credit: Apple

Now, the next step would be to know how to pay with Apple Pay. 

Once all is set on your device – adding your chosen payment method – completing any payment would be a walk in the park.

By double-tapping the side button on your device in close proximity to any Apple Pay reader device, your iPhone will display your cards to choose from and move to the top to be used for your chosen payment.

Apple Pay does it all. It helps you pay for that morning coffee you crave in the morning, visit a friend or family across the globe, buy that piece that caught your eye in the store, and even subscribe to Apple Music.

That’s if you are paying to a store or fulfilling any kind of physical purchase. But what if you want to send money to a person? How do you pay someone with Apple Pay?

To be able to have this option, there is a whole process you need to follow. But don’t worry, it’s an easy one.

credit: Apple

The first thing you need to do is set up Apple Cash. This will create the perfect way to fund your wallet and send money to others, as long as they too have Apple Cash.

To set Apple Cash, you need to access your Wallet application, where you will find a black card with one word, cash. By selecting it, you will obtain access to set up an Apple Cash account, then the only part missing would be confirming standard information.

Once all is set up, sending and receiving money will be just one tap away by using iMessage and tapping the person you want to send money to. Merely thumping the Apple Pay icon, you can submit a request or send money via iMessage.