Huawei Tech Webinar, latest innovations for the Middle East

Huawei Tech Webinar, latest innovations for the Middle East

Huawei tech webinar themed “Hi, Intelligent World” has announced its latest stride in technology. On the first of a two-day webinar, Huawei presents its most recent leading products, AirEngine Wi-Fi 6, and top flagship solutions for the Middle East, Huawei CloudCampus solutions.

The Huawei Middle East Digital Transformation Webinar 2020 tackled the idea of an ‘intelligent world’ becoming a reality a mere 10 years from now. Numerous present and future industries can grow exponentially from the foundations for a connected world, with better connectivity, platform, computing, and ecosystems that will facilitate rapid and intelligent development.

Alaa ElShimy, MD & SVP, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Middle East, emphasizes the increasing ubiquity of technology in our personal and professional lives, especially given the state of the world at present. As such, robust, reliable, secure and seamless connectivity is essential to manifest such a future. 

The Huawei Tech Webinar addresses the solutions aimed at integrating business development with technological advancement and transforming campus networks. With tools such as 5G, IP, AI, and optical networks at their disposal, customer success in digital transformation is well underway.

As stated in The Huawei Tech Webinar, the Huawei CloudCampus solution targets campuses where most innovation takes place according to Ala’a Bawab, VP, Enterprise Networking, Huawei Middle East, said. They will need fully wireless, high speed, intelligent networks to accommodate such transformation.

They plan to achieve this next generation campus connectivity through three revolutionary features to address the challenges of poor access, slow connectivity, and high energy consumption.

Firstly, Radio Frequency Technology using 5G algorithms and networking concepts incorporated multi-system co-scheduling, smart antenna and software defined radio access into the IP field. Huawei’s AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 provides the fastest known 100 Mbit/s with 10Gbits/s peak throughput rate, 10ms latency, and a coverage range exceeding current industry standards by 20%, surpassing traditional wired plus wireless campus networks.

Secondly, Campus OptiX network solution. It boasts favorable optical technology, high efficiency, energy saving, in addition to flexible capacity, strong service processing and automation, and intelligent O&M. This makes the solution suitable for educational institutions, offices, hotels, airports and other campus examples.

And thirdly, Huawei Horizon Digital Platform enhances previously single-scenario intelligence to an overall scenario intelligence. Capable of full stack monitoring, the system boosts O&M efficiency by 30%, improves resource usage by 20%, and enhances user experience by 15%, IMOC and NCE is an intelligent O&M solution for smart campuses.

Promoted with excitement in the Huawei Tech Webinar, AirEngine Wi-Fi 6, powered by Huawei 5G, is the industry’s first to reach a peak rate over 10gbps. It can significantly improve network experience in various areas such as high-density access in stadiums, train stations, campus mobile production, HD video applications, IoT and Wi-Fi coverage access, and outdoor public space access.