Improving Road Safety with 5G Technology

Improving Road Safety

In the recent few years, the automotive industry has been working in close partnership with major technology companies to develop cars with more advanced 5G technology – aiming to optimize driver experience and road safety. These developments remain to be an integral aspect of improving and sustaining a safe road network, which is fast becoming a fundamental part of our modern society.

Cyber Tire with Enhanced 5G Features

The latest innovation from Pirelli – the Cyber Tire, detects and transmits information related to the vehicle and others nearby through the 5G network. Pirelli presented the first-of-its-kind “5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) services” in Turin. The demonstration was staged by Pirelli, Ericsson, Tim, Italdesign and KTH and showcased how the sensor-fitted Pirelli Cyber Tire – connected to the 5G network – was able to transmit the risk of aquaplaning (when a layer of water builds between the wheels of a vehicle), which was detected by the tires to an approaching car. This achievement was owed to the 5G’s ultra-high band and low latency.

Built-In Sensor and Data Collection
The Pirelli Cyber Tire is equipped with a built-in sensor, which provides the car with data relevant to:
  • The tire model
  • Kilometers clocked
  • Dynamic load
  • Situations of potential danger on road surfaces

The issue of safety has never been more important at a time when roads are being used by more drivers than ever before. The technology enhances integration of driver experience and vehicle contact to help drivers understand the roads they are using – heightening situation awareness and improving road safety.

Enhancing Road Safety

The Cyber Tire is created for the transmission of 5G and data collection, which is a crucial aspect of improving road safety and infrastructure. Pirelli claims that “information and data storage of this kind will greatly improve the level of safety, comfort and performance on the road.” The intelligent and advanced communication system is the key feature of this innovative product, which involves the entire eco-system of on-road transportation – actively contributing to the development of solutions and services to help facilitate overall driving experience. This increased level of connectivity will enable drivers to stay more connected to their level of control and the environment around them.

In many parts of the world, road safety data is limited and unreliable. In most LMICs (Low- to middle-income countries), road accidents and fatalities are frequently unreported and so independent studies cannot be conducted properly due to an inaccuracy of figures. Improvements in data collection through such design features, may provide valuable insight and information, helping to analyze challenges and solve crash problems in specific locations.

A Vision For The Future Smart technology developed to prevent car accidents can only heighten road safety (potentially) if more vehicles are involved in the same technology. This requires a fundamental shift in local and international initiatives related to improved road safety standards. Even though more time, planning and implementation is needed for innovation to transform our roads, such developments show the inspiring integration between 5G technology and vehicle development, which will indeed help shape the direction of our future designs in road safety.