Google Maps Is Getting Some New AI Tools

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in AI news today, Google Maps will now feature new AI tools, enhanced recommendations, and much more.

  • Maps now displays curated photo highlights and reviews summarizing what people like about a location.
  • Users can discover lists from top sites and the Maps community.

Google Maps is getting a major update with new AI tools, updated recommendation lists, and more.

The new updates will help users discover and customize lists, learn about where to go when they’re on the go, and get the best recommendations.

Google Maps now provides better at-a-glance information on locations, powered by Google AI. The platform shows photo highlights and reviews that summarize what people like about a location. For example, a restaurant’s food items can be identified using AI, and Google Maps will also provide cost, potential availability, and whether or not it caters to dietary restrictions.

In select cities in the U.S. and Canada, users can discover helpful recommendation lists from top sites and the Google Maps community. To use the feature, users can search for a city and swipe to see curated lists of recommendations from people familiar with the city. There are also Trending, Top, and Gems lists that highlight popular locations to visit when traveling. The feature is available in 40 cities this week, with more coming in the future.

To go along with the change to recommendations, Google is adding new customization tools for creating lists in Maps. Google Maps users can choose the order which places appear in their created lists to rank them, and there are options to link content from social channels. The list updates will be rolling out on Android and iOS later this month.

Finally, Google Maps users can expect to see a refreshed design that includes a cleaner home screen with fewer tabs and new pin colors that make it easier to find places on the map.

Google is also introducing a new generative AI feature in Search that will provide a sample itinerary when users ask for trip ideas. This itinerary includes helpful information like options for flights and hotels, alongside suggestions for local attractions and places to eat. Google says it’ll also pull in additional information about recommended locations — such as business information, reviews, and photos — and that the itineraries can be exported to Gmail, Docs, or Maps. This feature is, for now, only available to users who enroll in Google’s free Search Generative Experience.

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