India-Russia Research Partnership to Advance Quantum Computing

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India’s quantum computing technology progressions caught the attention of the non-profit research institute, Russian Quantum Center, opening doors to future collaborations with India research institutionsn to push computing advancements.

The potential partnership promises significant developments in quantum applications and hardware for public services. At the 15th BRICS Summit, BRICS countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, will welcome the future partnership between both countries’ research institutions.

The BRICS Summit is set to take place at the Sandton Convention Center (SCC) in Johannesburg, Gauteng, from 22nd till 24th August 2023.

In an effort to find the perfect formula to advance quantum computing technologies, Russian research institutions are already building a communication base for the development of future research centers in India. This synergy can lead to more focused and efficient research and development (R&D) efforts in quantum computing advancements and chip manufacturing.

Co-founder of the Russian Quantum Center, Ruslan Yunusov, is pushing the partnership between both institutions, despite the absence of an official contract.

“There are no signed contracts yet, but India has done a lot of work around quantum technology. We are already in talks with some research institutes in India to explore areas where we can use their expertise and also share out knowledge and work in the field,” Yunusov said.

The collaboration between India and Russia’s quantum research institutes will shift the tides for India in terms of bolstering its current stance on becoming a powerhouse in chip manufacturing and computing power. A strong partnership such as this, will enable India to gain insights into the factual advancements made the Russian Quantum Center. This, in return, will accelerate India’s progress in quantum computing power. Ultimately, this will contributing to its chip manufacturing capabilities.

Announced in April 2023, India’s National Quantum Mission attracted significant investments for the past eight years. Such investments will help India’s emerging tech market in its scientific and industrial quantum research.

Quantum technology is all about diving into the atomic and elementary particle world with the technology’s mechanics. By harnessing quantum superposition, these computers can pull off unbreakable codes and lightning-fast information processing.

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