Chip Manufacturing

India Tech Ties

India could become a key supplier of electronic parts and hardware for the United States, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Friday, adding that Washington was not seeking a “technological decoupling” from China. Raimondo’s visit to New Delhi comes amid increasingly tight U.S. export restrictions on chipmaking technology to China which Washington says are […]

sovereign wealth fund

Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Future Fund, is screening its portfolio for Chinese companies at risk of U.S. investment restrictions, its chairman said on Tuesday. The Biden administration plans to ban investments in some Chinese technology firms and increase scrutiny of others, sources have said, as part of its plan to crack down on the […]

U.S. export restrictions

The United States is working to expand its restrictions on the export of chipmaking equipment to China by securing cooperation with the Netherlands and Japan, forcing Chinese chipmakers to turn to domestic suppliers such as those listed below. SHANGHAI MICRO ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT (SMEE) SMEE is China’s only producer of lithography machines used in semiconductor manufacturing, […]

Xi's tightening grip

China’s annual parliament opens on Sunday and will implement the biggest government reshuffle in a decade as Xi Jinping tightens control while contending with a host of challenges, from an uneven post-COVID economic recovery to cratering U.S. relations. Nearly 3,000 delegates will gather in the Great Hall of the People west of Tiananmen Square for […]

semiconductor plant location

Japan’s state-backed Rapidus said on Tuesday it would build its semiconductor plant in Chitose, a manufacturing hub on the nation’s northern island of Hokkaido. The factory and a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) plant under construction on the southern island of Kyushu are the key pillars of Japan’s strategy to boost its capability to make […]

Higher-end Chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co plans to construct a second chip plant in Japan to manufacture higher-end chips, 5 and 10 nanometre chips, from the second half of the decade, the Nikkan Kogyo newspaper reported on Friday. That decision could help Japan revive advanced semiconductor manufacturing, which it sees as key requirement for future economic growth […]

AI Chip Race

As the artificial intelligence boom takes off, Nvidia Corp is expected to emerge as the biggest – though not the only – winner in the AI chip race among chipmakers after years of focusing on the technology has made it a go-to supplier for tech firms. AI has emerged as a bright spot for investments […]

Billion-Euro Chip Plan

EU countries on Wednesday agreed to a 45-billion-euro ($46.6 billion) plan to fund the production of chips, putting the 27-country bloc a step closer to its goal of reducing its reliance on U.S. and Asian manufacturers. EU envoys unanimously backed an amended version of the European Commission’s proposal, the Czech Republic which holds the rotating […]