Indonesia’s award-winning solution for pandemic aid distribution

pandemic aid distribution

The Banyuwangi regency has been awarded with the 2020 Indonesia Smart Nation Award, or ISNA, for their innovative ICT solution that assists in on pandemic aid distribution with efficiency and accuracy amid the pandemic.

The solution is an online monitoring network allowed real time information to be gathered about people and families in need, giving the regency an edge precise information on pandemic aid distribution.

In having a clear vision of where and when essential aid would go, and how much would be needed, and that no overlapping aid is sent, The regency was able to save precious resources for those who need it.

“This social aid is really needed by those affected by the pandemic. Shrewd steps have been taken by Banyuwangi to ensure that social aid from the central and regional governments is distributed evenly and accurately” said Bandyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, according to The Jakarta Post, a daily English language newspaper in Indonesia.

“We realize the situation is ‘very dynamic’ at the start of the pandemic. Some affected residents might not have received aid. In that case, they report to the village or subdistrict officials” he continued.

The pandemic has driven many to the brink, especially those of lower income or disenfranchised communities. The pandemic has forced not only government and institutions but people from all classes and creeds to embrace technology in their daily lives, and incorporate tech solutions on an individual level. These solutions will not only find fertile grounds in pandemic aid distribution, but in increasingly more government and none governmental institutions in achieving social equity and resource management.

The system also protects those in need of people by informing whether the person has aid or not. If the person’s NIK, name, address, and identification number, already exist within the system, the request for aid will be automatically rejected.

Source: Article titled: “Banyuwangi awarded for innovative tech-based COVID-19 work”.