Introducing the AI, Solar Powered, Colorful Robotic Exoskeleton

Wearable AI Exoskeleton

WIM, We Innovate Mobility, a wearable robotic exoskeleton that works on enhancing mobility, includes an AI coaching program that analyzes the person’s movement and assists in walking by supporting the legs.

The Belt-Leg Robot

WIM alleviates the energy that outflows through walking thus reducing the pain and the fatigue in the legs, enhancing balance and stability, and improving the speed and walking efficiency.

It has motion sensors to sensor the pose and the balance of the user, recognizing daily life activities, like sitting, running, and going up the stairs. On top of that, the user has the chance to get a personalized coaching experience, but this time from an AI, it optimizes personalized workouts based on gathered exercise information, to increase the workflow of exercises.

“You can exercise with an interval workout program combined with assist and resistance force,” WIRobotics stated.

1.4 kg only, it’s that lightweight, for ease of use and comfort offering various levels of assistance to the needs of the individuals and their activity. People with disabilities, like the ones who use walkers, are the perfect fit for their motion, as well as for elderly people with reduced flexibility, and for the ones who have injuries or medical conditions.

Water Resistance Powered by Solar Energy

At CES 2024, WIM received two innovation awards, in addition to all the above reasons, it can be used for healthy individuals as well so that it optimizes their athletic performance.

Its operating time per charge is approximately two hours. It’s available in a colorful design set, yellow, white, or blue never fails to match your hiking outfit on top of the mountain, providing exercise support with resistance similar to walking in water. It’s easy to pack with minimal equipment kit.

“WIMTM can reduce energy by up to 20% for level ground walking and 14% energy for load carrying. 14% energy saving is equivalent to a 12kg load reduction,” WIRobotics added.

Despite the fact that it’s still under development, WIRobotics is planning to unveil it very soon.

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