iOS 18 Beta 2 with New Features and AI Partnerships

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Apple is set to launch iOS 18 Beta 2, the second developer beta version of the operating system, on Monday, June 24, 2024, along with two new features.

iPhone Mirroring to Control iPhone via Mac

The first feature of the iOS 18 Beta 2 is iPhone Mirroring, which will allow users to manage their phones directly through their Mac without the need to have them around. For instance, when notifications pop up on the iPhone, they will also appear on the Mac screen just by clicking on them.

Users will also be able to navigate their mobile phone devices by using the keyboard or the trackpad of their Mac. Additionally, the company is currently working on a feature called drag-and-drop, to make making the transfer of files between devices easier. This upcoming feature is expected to be available later.

SharePlay Screen Sharing for Collaborative Drawing

The other feature of the iOS 18 beta 2 is not really a new one since it is available on iOS 17, but it is getting an upgrade. SharePlay Screen Sharing will enable users to draw on their iPad screen and to mirror those drawings on their friends’ devices, including iPhones, allowing them to also draw on a friend’s iPhone screen.

Moreover, with SharePlay Screen Sharing, users can request access to manage their friends’ devices from afar. This feature could be particularly useful for assisting friends as well as family members who are having difficulties operating their Apple devices.

Expanding AI Partnerships

On a related note, and as reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the tech giant has held discussions with Meta Platforms Inc. This move comes as an effort by Apple to enhance its AI capabilities by assessing the possibility of integrating Meta’s AI model into its new Apple Intelligence system.

This partnership also aims to use the iPhone maker’s large network of users, much like its App Store. While the company has created its own AI tools, it is looking forward to working with other companies, such as OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and Perplexity, to give its AI tools the capability to perform more complex tasks, giving users different AI options to use.

Conversely, these ongoing talks show the way big tech giants are working on the formation of new relationships in the field of AI.

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