IRAQ: A New Market for Monty Mobile to Unleash Cutting-edge Solutions

New Market for Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile, a global fast growing telecommunication company offering innovative technology and communication solutions, has further extended its footprint with the opening of its new office in Baghdad at the beginning of the current year 2022. While the pandemic hasn’t subsided yet, the leading holding has been running against the tide, maintaining its momentum by exploring new markets for its cutting-edge services.

Under the guidance of its country director Mohammad Suloh, the holding looks to provide prospective partners in the country with an additional avenue for growth, through a variety of unique, high-end services that have been perfected by the holding itself. Eventual partners who will join an elite group of more than 500 mobile operators spread around 120 countries would additionally benefit from the support of a large, dedicated team, capable of investing its long-acquired technical expertise in solving any emergent issue while optimizing the customer experience.

The bouquet of services and solutions offered by Monty Mobile in Iraq includes its latest products related to SMS management, A2P SMS monetization, in-house firewall solutions, and a raft of associated value-added services (VAS) and other enterprise services.

The SMS suite offers a secure platform for operators, communication service providers, and businesses to manage SMS traffic, including routing and billing in addition to advanced management mechanisms. Application to Person (A2P) monetization is another unique solution that enriches the SMS service experience, allowing customers to protect their revenue stream.

The solution allows customers to preserve the monetary value of the service by guaranteeing that A2P SMS messages are received using the proper path, blocking unauthorized routes, and ensuring that partners collect all their righteous termination fees. To address globally rising cybersecurity concerns, Monty Mobile is planning to offer its latest firewall solutions through its newly launched office in Baghdad. The provided SMS services are augmented through a firewall layer, known as the Smartwall.

The customizable solution utilizes advanced machine algorithms that go as deep as analyzing word patterns to detect dubious activities and provide real-time preventive measures. While the world is still embracing artificial intelligence, Monty Mobile has been among the frontrunners in pioneering AI-based solutions. The combination of advanced SMS and Firewall solutions would place Monty Mobile at the heart of operations for network operators, businesses, and many other industries in a country where the economic rebirth is happening in full swing.

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