Inside Telecom Magazine: Mountasser Hachem, Monty Holding Chairman

Mountasser Hachem

Due to our success in marking our presence as one of the leading media outlets covering the tech industry, highlighting its rises and dives, we are pleased to announce the release of Inside Telecom Magazine Issue 1. In our first issue, we concentrated on the ascend of the GCC and the Gulf regions as they mark their presence as global tech hubs and an exclusive cover feature with Monty Holding’s Founder and Chairman, Entrepreneur Mountasser Hachem.

In today’s digital world, making the digital shift is a given for any media outlet. Still, conventional media has always been the prestigious way of branching our Inside Telecom family to the world and embracing the deliverance of tech information via the behemoth of all outlets, the customary magazine.

Inside Telecom Magazine, issue 1, identifies the endless innovations in both the GCC and Gulf regions, as well as Lebanon, in our Expanding the Horizons cover story with Mountasser Hashem, as we navigate with the founder through his roadmap for his latest project of expanding into a new segment. In our “Producing 5G End-to-end Solutions for Telcos,” we dive into the must-knows of the Lebanese entrepreneur Mountasser Hachem’s latest venture into the world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and 5G services deliverance.

Mountasser Hachem Cover Story

In our exclusive interview with Monty Holding’s Founder, Mountasser Hachem, we went headfirst into the dynamics of his company’s latest 5G operation. In this piece, the risk-taker entrepreneur did not refrain from sharing his passion for the ICT world as he shared with us the latest renews of his end-to-end ICT solutions that will be delivered to the businesses.

Monty Mobile expands its horizons to dispatch its latest ground-breaking wave of communications solutions in the entrepreneur’s home country Lebanon. The project will branch to different segments within the country’s wireless network infrastructure through the deployment of 5G in its telecom sector.

Shifting the Region’s Digital Tides

The issue covers various elements ranging from rising leaders in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an exclusive interview with entrepreneur Mountasser Hachem, a holistic view of the GCC and Gulf region’s telco scene, a series covering Monty Holding subsidiaries’ latest projects, from omnichannel solutions to its recent tap into the 5G space.

In our first issue, we focused on delivering our audience with a wide range of diversified content focusing on the UAE and KSA’s 2030 visions, the integration of technology in healthcare, cybersecurity, rising startups in our Gallery of Innovation segment, emerging technologies in our Global section, the Emiratization of a nation, and an insightful plethora of perceptive pieces from some of the esteemed experts from within the tech industry.

It gives the team of Inside Telecom great pleasure to finally fulfill and share our vision and revelation with our reputable and dedicated readers as we go through this journey together. We believe everyone should have access to information that is supported by factual truths from anywhere in the world, for that reason, you can access the digital form of our magazine on

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