dubai metaverse strategy

With its promise to bring forth endless opportunities in social connections, mobility, and intertwining the physical world with the virtual one, the metaverse will open new economic ventures of all scales, and city is riding the wave towards its next technological advancements with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. The City of Gold announced plans to work […]

Virtual Cards

The world has seen technology infiltrate almost every sector the world has known, and the financial industry is no different. Traditional banking was getting the job done, and it almost felt like this was how things would be forever. Yet, innovation strikes, and the world is introduced to eclectic solutions to problems consumers never considered, […]

Financial Ecosystem

The world is intensifying its adoption of digital means to conduct its finances. The accelerated use of the Internet and smartphones has impacted the burgeoning of digital banking and any financial ecosystem. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no stranger to transforming one of its primal sectors’ frameworks as the financial sphere becomes increasingly technologically […]

Economic Vision 2030

The world is increasing its awareness of technological development’s role in establishing a more robust economic foundation for the upcoming decade. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is walking the line of digital transformation by preferring new unorthodox means to finally fulfill its ambitious goals of becoming a knowledge-based country. Such intelligent innovation integration will eventually […]

Saudi Aramco Blockchain

Aramco intends to use cutting-edge technologies to increase efficiency, safety, and sustainability, and its goal is to become the top digitalized energy firm in the world. The Saudi Aramco Blockchain investment intends to utilize the technology to reinvent and standardize business processes with the ultimate goal of boosting productivity and generating cost savings in several […]

Mountasser Hachem

Due to our success in marking our presence as one of the leading media outlets covering the tech industry, highlighting its rises and dives, we are pleased to announce the release of Inside Telecom Magazine Issue 1. In our first issue, we concentrated on the ascend of the GCC and the Gulf regions as they […]