Lanny Smoot's Incredible Disney Journey

Lanny Smoot, creator of the greatest technological advancements that Disney has seen. From lightsaber at Disney Park to the HoloTile Floor.

Lanny Smoot, creator of the greatest technological advancements that Disney has seen. From the lightsaber at Disney Park to his most recent HoloTile Floor, the creator has earned over 100 patents.  

When we think of Disney, we think of it as the most magical place on earth. We think of it as a haven for kids filled with fireworks, princesses, and happiness. As Disney visitors we don’t think of the man behind it all or the man that said, “I can show you the world’, and it’s not Aladdin, it’s Lanny Smoot. 

The Smoot journey with Disney began in 1998 when he was recruited by the company. For almost thirty years, Smoot has maintained exploring new frontiers of technology to bring unique experiences to Disney guests that come from all around the world. Throughout his career in animation, he worked in different roles such as a theatrical technology creator, electrical engineer, researcher, and a scientist. His diligent efforts towards his career resulted in more than 100 patents. 

Smoot’s thinking has always been ahead of its time, and this has been portrayed through his empowering inventions that were a new form of entertainment, illusions, and magic. It all began with the iconic Madame Leota’s floating head to the Haunted Mansion attraction. What marks the beginning of advanced technology in Disney was the virtual and interactive koi ponds at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.  

From the creation of lightsabers to his latest invention, Smoot has astonished people with his HoloTile which might integrate into Disney’s new attractions. Users could walk at their own desired pace while traversing through virtual or mixed reality experiences. The HoloTile might also make it onto Disney Cruise ships, which would allow passengers to groove from the fitness class to the dance floor on the tile. 

Smoot would always quote Arthur C. Clarke’s third law that states, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Smoot applied this quote to his various works, and this resulted in the happiest place on earth, Disney World. One of his goals was for parents to take their children to Disney theme parks and have the children experience the feeling of magic through the tech. 

One can confidently say that Smoot took Disney to ‘a whole new world’ with his creations. 

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