Lighter editions of the PlayStation 5 are now on sale in Australia


For the digital edition of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s engineers were able to reduce the weight by 300 grams.

According to Press Start, the new lighter PS5 edition carries the same updated model number CFI-1102A, which means both consoles will allow users to enjoy the same features.  

The only prominent difference between both devices is the screw used to safely ensure the base is in place.

On the original PlayStation, a screwdriver was required to tighten or loosen the screw. However, the new lighter edition comes with a built-in grip, offering users an advantage to securing the base using their fingers instead.

The first country to obtain the lighter edition is Australia, but there are rumors circulating around social media that insinuate Japanese retailers are offering the lighter PS5 for sale.

It remains unclear why Sony chose to introduce the lighter edition under the public radar. The company has yet shared information on how it managed to shave off the weight, but it is estimated to make shipping fees less costly.

As Australians are now enjoying the lighter PS5 edition, comparisons between the two models will start to pop up.

As of time of writing, the only difference known is the weight change.