Making the Switch to Google Analytics 4? Here is What to Expect

Switch to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is a website and app analytics service that allows you to track traffic and interaction. GA4 upgrades the software to enable marketers and data analysts to make data-driven decisions based on insights gathered

What benefits can you expect from the switch to Google Analytics 4?

Free Big Query Integration

Previously only available for the paid version of Google Analytics, with the switch to Google Analytics 4, users can export data to Big Query. But while the integration is free, all data usage must be paid for. To be able to export your hit statistics, you’ll need to write your own scripts and include various additional dimensions.

Upgraded Data Model

The data model of GA4 is event-driven, which means that the underlying model of page views, events, hits, and sessions has been replaced with a system of events, parameters, and user attributes. This implies that creating and analyzing reports will be easier and more natural for the user. Data will be more accurate and dependable as implementation becomes easier.

Improved Analysis

‘Analysis’ is a new reporting section that gives you a completely new set of tools to do advanced analysis and build ad hoc funnels based on any event or page you want. This tool was previously only accessible as part of the GA 360 premium platform, but it is now available for free in GA4.

Cross-platform tracking

GA4 is the go-to option if you have a website and an app and want to compare or analyze the data in a single report. With a few clicks, you can connect your firebase tracking to your GA4 property and begin the data collection process

This also means you can manage your audiences and follow user activity across your app and online platforms, as well as construct segments and perform comprehensive cross-platform attribution research.

So should you switch to google Analytics 4? Short answer, yes. The longer answer, yes, since Google will eventually discontinue their older tools, and it would be good to start your GA4 early on to get the machine learning going and benefit from both the older tools and the newer ones.

Google Analytics 4 is still in its early stages and will be seeing a number of upgrades and refinements as time passes, but it helps to get in early and master the tools as it evolves.