What Are the Benefits of Utopia VR’s Global Metaverse Platform?

To know what Utopia Virtual Reality (VR) is, first, we must understand that it is a mobile-friendly, web-based, audio and video conferencing platform that employs innovative three-dimensional (3D) web technology. Utopia VR is a leading-edge web-based platform where users can take their virtual events and meetings to the next level. 

If accomplished correctly, VR is set to induce profound biological and physiological impacts, while your body and mind acknowledge you are experiencing a particular moment. 

The technology is unique as no installation is required to attend a virtual meeting or even a software download. Not only, but it does not need an installation or download when users are invited to attend a virtual room (VRoom™) meeting.  Subscribers of Utopia VR navigate through the different VRoom environments by using avatars; you can talk, walk and sit, mimicking real word activities and behavior. Speaking of avatars, the need for digital bodies for the digital world will be a top priority soon.  

The receiver of an invitation clicks on a web link to access the environment. At the same time, users log in to their online user account or through their mobile app to attend or schedule a meeting or social meetup.  

As such, the company features a selection of 36 VRooms for subscribers to utilize on an unlimited basis. 

In order to send an invite to a meeting taking place in the rooms, the user can send a web link or use the mobile app “Utopia VR” to create a virtual meeting. Utopia VR features a sample of social theme rooms and business “VRooms,” such as your executive board room, mega-yacht, tech center, classroom, coffee shop, or mansion. 

The utopia metaverse program, also called “The Metaverse for Everyone™,” is a web-based, one-click avatar-driven. An avatar can be handled with a smartphone, computer keyboard, or virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. You can use voice, text chat, and video to convey with others: import audio, video, 3D pictures, animation, and documents or stream video from YouTube. 

Utopia VR’s free virtual platform works on all relevant devices: PC, VR headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive, and mobile. There are no minimum requirements regarding software and hardware. 

The Metaverse will be worth 8 to 13 trillion dollars, but a major infrastructure investment by tech companies is needed to reach this market potential, according to a report by Citi GPS. In relavance to the Metaverse’ anticipated success, the company is basing its judgment on the high subscriber numbers during the early stages worldwide. Utopia VR is convinced that its best marketers will be its free and paid customers. 

The company presents an excellent affiliate commission package that awards customers for sharing Utopia VR with others. 

“This exciting new internet era is a turning point for the internet. Everyone acknowledges that there are companies that have conquered the dot-com landscape for years. It’s time the average person benefits from this new era, and we are excited to share our revenue with our customers.” – Kevin Vincent, VP of Global Marketing.  

Subscribers acquire their own unique URL VRoom links, available by logging into your account. The user can access their private room links by using our mobile app or logging into our website after they subscribe. 

“If you sell digital, physical, or personal services through Utopia VR, how much of that transaction will you be able to keep?” – Jazmin dela Cruz, Digital Marketing and Community Manager. 


Nowadays, and like augmented reality (AR), VR has taken a big chunk of our virtual world, leading to innovative outcomes, including utopia VR’s global metaverse platform, which integrates many technologies to drive global digital growth on all fronts.  

Unlike major companies such as Meta, Apple, and others that plan to keep up to 50 percent of users’ transactional revenue, goods, and services, revenue generated through Utopia VR is under the user’s control. 

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