Karim Husami

Journalist for 8 years in print media, with a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Affairs. Masters in Media communications.

What Does 5G UC Mean on Android?

5G is the hype of the moment, not only among operators but also among big tech companies, industries, and governmental organizations. The sign displayed on any device lets users know that they are on T-Mobile’s 5G UC network instead of the regular 5G network.  Last year, T-Mobile rolled out its 5G UC network aiming to […]

How can Public Health Data Systems be Transformed?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps in the public health and health data infrastructure and illuminated how they perpetuate extended health inequities. During the virus, many flaws in the health system emerged regarding racism which was on the rise and trying to find solutions regarding that issue.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)  founded a […]

The Role of Telecommunication in Education

There is an agreement that critical qualities of successful schooling are different from what they were with traditional education, with telecommunication playing an important role in shifting the tides. Methods courses and educational content for teachers predate the highly interactive, engaged, and individualized classrooms, desired methods and new technologies that can be enrolled to support […]

How will AR Shape Tourism?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has revolutionized every industry and placed a different perspective on each product and service. The travel and tourism sector has enormous growth potential with this emerging technology.  The digital transformation by AR is boosting travel experiences for tourists. As per Statist’s report, the Augmented Reality market is predicted to grow from […]

What are the Top Sustainable Cities of the Future?

Urbanization has been taking over worldwide for the past few decades, with people moving to cities planning to be sustainable cities of the future.  The UN-Habitat estimates that since 2009, over three million people have moved into cities every week. Urban areas have been attractive destinations for migrants hoping to find a higher standard of […]

Human Centered AI: The Ins and Outs

What is Human-Centered AI?  Human-centered AI is backed up by human collaboration and input, focusing on algorithms in a more human-based approach. It is represented by systems continuously enhancing because of human information while delivering a valuable experience between humans and robots.  Humans are coming into contact with AI and machine learning systems. Human-centered artificial […]

Is Technology a Weapon in Geopolitical Conflicts?

The emerging new technologies are a commercial and economic issue while also being a security and foreign policy one. Those technologies manipulate international competition and cooperation, shaping geopolitics in unpredictable ways.  Geopolitics of technology can be defined by saying that technology has a vital role in specifying the nature of geopolitics between countries. The fact […]

Is Technology Neutral?

While the internet is at the center of many people’s lives and corporate entities’ operations, recent technological innovations have occurred in communication. Those innovations have positive and negative consequences as technology is the tool giving people a choice to use it.   The choice of how to use technology will always be present, given it does […]

What is the Relation between Technology and Democracy?

The market witnessed a shift in research orientations around the relationship between technology and democracy since 2006, with the focus directed on the threats technology and social media posed to democracy, especially on epistemic grounds.  It also meant less emphasis on the possibilities of social media and technology to move democracy forward, especially global movements for […]

How Does Social Media Affect Elections?

Political leaders leveraged new media to impact politics since the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s implementation of the radio and John F. Kennedy’s usage of television bridged communication gaps between the public and politicians to signify and lead to political success.  Social media and voting can be seen as a direct manipulator of elections, such as the […]