Karim Husami

Journalist for 8 years in print media, with a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Affairs. Masters in Media communications.

Why Cryptocurrency Will Fail? Why It Won't? 

During the last few years, cryptocurrencies have developed from digital wonders to trillion-dollar technologies with the possibility to disrupt the international financial system. Bitcoin like hundreds of other cryptocurrencies is increasingly kept as assets and employed as currencies to buy goods and services, such as digital real estate, software, and illegal drugs.  To their supporters, […]

The Ethical Implications of Big Tech's Investment in fusion energy 

Public opinion says that fusion energy, which is considered the source of large, affordable, safe, and clean power, will always stay an old form of energy that companies are no longer using. However, privately funded fusion energy start-ups like Commonwealth Fusion Systems, TAE Technologies, and General Fusion are starting to build prototype demonstration plants.  Meanwhile, […]

How Can AI Help Manage Cloud Sprawl? 

Many companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce  cloud-computing expenses, excess data storage, and other inefficiencies across information-technology processes. Corporate technology leaders and industry analysts are tapping software developed to identify overlapping cloud applications. Meanwhile, organizations encounter several problems due to a lack of control and visibility over their cloud resources. One of […]

Why Is Samsung Building a Semiconductor Factory in Texas? 

Samsung announced it will assemble a $17bn semiconductor factory in Texas, during the global shortage of chips used in phones, cars, and other electronic devices. The factory will be the South Korean company’s biggest North American asset and is expected to commence operation in the second half of 2024.  Real Reasons?  There are commercial reasons, […]

The Economics of Fusion Energy 

Nuclear fusion is the sun’s ignition process to release energy. In simple terms, but still hard to comprehend if you’re not a nuclear physicist, this is the release of energy when two atoms merge. Scientists are developing this type of energy, but their work is still in its infancy; the energy expended to produce fusion […]

What Does 5G UC Mean on Android?

5G is the hype of the moment, not only among operators but also among big tech companies, industries, and governmental organizations. The sign displayed on any device lets users know that they are on T-Mobile’s 5G UC network instead of the regular 5G network.  Last year, T-Mobile rolled out its 5G UC network aiming to […]

How can Public Health Data Systems be Transformed?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps in the public health and health data infrastructure and illuminated how they perpetuate extended health inequities. During the virus, many flaws in the health system emerged regarding racism which was on the rise and trying to find solutions regarding that issue.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)  founded a […]

The Role of Telecommunication in Education

There is an agreement that critical qualities of successful schooling are different from what they were with traditional education, with telecommunication playing an important role in shifting the tides. Methods courses and educational content for teachers predate the highly interactive, engaged, and individualized classrooms, desired methods and new technologies that can be enrolled to support […]

How will AR Shape Tourism?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has revolutionized every industry and placed a different perspective on each product and service. The travel and tourism sector has enormous growth potential with this emerging technology.  The digital transformation by AR is boosting travel experiences for tourists. As per Statist’s report, the Augmented Reality market is predicted to grow from […]

What are the Top Sustainable Cities of the Future?

Urbanization has been taking over worldwide for the past few decades, with people moving to cities planning to be sustainable cities of the future.  The UN-Habitat estimates that since 2009, over three million people have moved into cities every week. Urban areas have been attractive destinations for migrants hoping to find a higher standard of […]