Karim Husami

Journalist for 8 years in print media, with a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Affairs. Masters in Media communications.

Oppo and Vodafone announce new partnership to accelerate 5G adoption

Smartphones have been an integral part of our lives for two decades now, leading to the rise of many collaborative achievements between tech and telecom companies. As such, most smartphone companies strive to present the latest technological offerings to the hyper-connected consumer, as their demand for more advanced features and more effective communication remains high. […]

State-of-the-art robot to promote fun learning for kids

Robots have been around us for a long time now and have been helping us in many aspects of everyday life. They have been developed for factories and labs, for the purpose of being able to access “restricted” areas, be present in conferences and to help us solve many challenges across sectors. Technological advancements are […]

Working from home… permanently?

Working from home measures, have been carried out by companies all over the world due to the spread of coronavirus, but what was once considered a temporary work arrangement may prove to be something more permanent. The virus has forced companies to change their workplace policies, leaving many people across sectors to adapt to the […]

Orange voice services to partner with Philippine telco PLDT

Orange voice services to get a new upgrade as Orange’s wholesale arm has entered into a partnership deal with PLDT, Philippine’s biggest telecom and digital services company. The deal is for international voice aggregation services to deliver better quality of service to all customers worldwide. As the preferred aggregator, Orange voice services will handle all […]

The advancing methods of a hacker

Today, our daily communication seems very much dependent on phone applications, meaning security risks have become an increasing challenge for all users. It can be said that our hyper-connected, digitized society has increased security risks, with hackers breaching the wide web or targeting specific applications. Hackers have improved and developed the nature and scope of […]