Karim Husami

Journalist for 8 years in print media, with a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Affairs. Masters in Media communications.

What are the Criteria of NASA Lunar Backpack?

The Artemis moon landing is about NASA landing the first person of color and the first woman on the Moon, using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface.   “We will cooperate with international and commercial partners and have the first long-term presence on the Moon. Then, we will take advantage of what we […]

Avoiding Digital Wallet Transaction Fraud

Mobile payment apps and digital currency are becoming the ideal option for consumers to pay for goods and services, learning numerous ways to avoid Digital Wallet Transactions Fraud.   The increased usage and the risk of being targeted by fraudsters have scam artists utilizing these apps for their schemes and hacks that have become “ethical.”   Mobile […]

Benefits of Cloud Computing Spending

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing Spending?    Cloud computing provides computing services, including servers, databases, storage, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence-over on the Internet (the cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.    Cloud Computing Spending     Cloud computing is a substantial shift from the conventional way businesses operate with IT resources […]

Can Othernet Extend Internet Connectivity to Secluded Areas?

This trend is similar to the “connected world,” describing how our two realities are merging into only one. It’s mind-moving how the Internet became our reality, with the inability to walk a couple of hours without using our mobile devices.  The Internet is seemingly transferring into an “internet.” We won’t be able to differentiate between […]

The Tech behind Wordle… All You Need to Know about the Game

Having a tough time understanding or beating Wordle? Find out all you need to know to become an ultimate Wordle player  The Tech behind Wordle: All to Know About the Game  How Does Wordle Work?   Wordle offers players six chances to randomly guess a selected five-letter word. If you have the correct letter in the […]

What Are the Benefits of AI in Medical Diagnosis?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding quickly in the medical field, particularly in the management of treatment and AI in medical diagnostics. There is a wide variety of research into how AI can assist clinical decisions and enhance physicians’ judgment.  Precise diagnosis is a vital part of global healthcare systems. For example, an […]

What is Tesla Robotaxi? A New Driverless Experience

Many companies are developing cars in pursuit of the latest technological trends, making them follow the latest innovations to offer high-quality products to customers.  Creating a digitally developed vehicle is reasonable to enhance some desired features we anticipate seeing in the Robotaxi, such as big sliding doors providing easy access, face-to-face seating, 4-wheel steering, easier […]

How to Read Heart Monitoring Rhythms on Apple Watch

Like any other company developing health monitoring apps, Apple’s Apple Watch proved to be an essential gadget to track our health with the minimum required; in other words, it can be labeled as a “MedTech” device.  The Watch checks for oddly high or low heart rates, which indicates a severe underlying infection. This could help you […]

The Risks and Benefits Virtual Reality Presents to Society

If accomplished correctly, Virtual Reality (VR) stands to induce profound biological and physiological impacts. Your body and mind acknowledge you are experiencing a particular moment.  VR is a computer-produced setting with objects and scenes that seem to be real, which lets the user feel they are absorbed in their surroundings. This environment is seen through […]

The best inventors of the 21st century

Often the greatest leaps in technology we experience are all thanks to a handful of people who are gifted with the brains, charisma, influence, or vision to pivot humanity into a better future. These are 4 of the greatest inventors of the 21st century.  that together Steve Jobs  After meeting with Steve Wozniak during a […]