The best inventors of the 21st century

best inventors of the 21st century

Often the greatest leaps in technology we experience are all thanks to a handful of people who are gifted with the brains, charisma, influence, or vision to pivot humanity into a better future. These are 4 of the greatest inventors of the 21st century.  that together

Steve Jobs 

After meeting with Steve Wozniak during a summer internship at Hewlett-Packard, both co-founded Apple Computers inside Jobs’ parents’ home garage, ultimately ensuring the company was one of the global leaders in technology innovation. 

After Apple, I and Apple II computer’s successes worldwide, Jobs and his team co-invented the Apple Macintosh computer. However, disappointing sales ushered a financial pressure on the company- leading to Jobs being fired as CEO. 

In 1984, Jobs founded NeXT, a company that delivered powerful workstation computers for the education demand.  

The businessman purchased a studio called “The Graphics Group.” It was then built into a major animation studio and, after gaining universal dominance concerning animated feature films, was renamed ‘Pixar’ and sold to Disney for $7.4 billion. 

After around ten years of plunging sales, Apple shifted to its founder for help.   

He continued to improve the brand, which created products that made the brand renowned such as the iPod, iTunes, the iPad, and most notably, the iPhone.  

Jobs’ role was vital in creating one of the most influential inventions yet, arguably changing how most of us manage our business and personal lives. 

Bill Gates 

One of the best inventors of the 21st century is Bill Gates, who found his passion for computing very early by writing his first software program at 13.  

After dropping out of Harvard, Gates and their friend, Paul Allen, would create one of the world’s biggest software companies, called Microsoft. 

 Gates’ enthusiasm for technology and business was instrumental in accomplishing his dream of a computer for every desk’.  

This dream would push this small company of just 30 people into a multi-billion international force and turn this entrepreneur into the youngest self-made billionaire. 

Gates was critical in Microsoft’s launch of Windows 95, which redefined home computing, introducing features such as the Start Menu that still define Microsoft’s operating system today.  

Elon Musk 

After studying economics, Musk focused on the three areas he assumed would impact the future of humanity by stating, “One was the Internet, one was clean energy, and one was space.”  

After several smaller experiences, Musk co-founded, an online financial services company that would later be sold to eBay, known today as ‘PayPal.’ 

He established his next company, SpaceX, with projects to create a spacecraft for commercial space travel and reduce space transportation costs.  

It didn’t take too much time for SpaceX to evolve into a well-established and be awarded a contract aiming to handle cargo transportation for the International Space Station, with plans for astronaut transport in the future to replace NASA’s space shuttle missions. 

With a vision for green energy in the car industry, Musk co-founded Tesla, Inc. in 2003 – a company dedicated to producing affordable, mass-market electric cars and battery products, and solar roofs.  

Musk’s work within Tesla proved electric cars as more endurable and economical to play a critical role in the future of transport. 

While he became one of the best innovators of the 21st century and the inventors of the 21st century, he started selling some of his shares in Tesla after conducting a Twitter poll. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in New York. He became curious about computers at an early age. While at Harvard University, Zuckerberg persisted in developing software and, with three friends, developed a site allowing users to create profiles, communicate with others, and upload photos. 

They called it Facebook while building the business in a dorm room. In June 2004, Zuckerberg decided to drop out of college in order to work on Facebook full time. 

The Facebook platform created a new unprecedented way for people to communicate and stay in touch, as it is easier to talk to people living in other countries.  

Facebook also transformed the way people acquire their news offering people the capacity to transfer stories and videos.  

Late last year, Zuckerberg decided to change the company’s name from Facebook to Meta, while opening new HQ in Dubai Internet City

The platform created a whole new generation that uncovers all their sources of information and entertainment online. Time named him Person of the Year in 2010, and he landed on the Fortune 500 in May 2013, the youngest CEO on the list. 


The tech inventors are the ones that have the most wealth worldwide, changing the way people live and work and to the extent that their effect reached the point of changing mindsets. 

Some of the effects reached the U.S. elections in 2016 and other events worldwide, causing enormous contradiction and political crisis. 

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