Steve Jobs

The Apple Macintosh Changed Everything. Including Advertising

On January 22nd in 1984, 77,000,000 Americans sat down in front of their TV sets to watch Superbowl XV111, the glitzy annual sports finale to the National Football League season. The Washington Redskins versus the Los Angeles Raiders. The final score was 38-7 in favour of the mighty Redskins, a record number of points in […]

Apple’s Lifetime: Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook

Apple has had varying degrees of success throughout its lifetime, with the company’s history often divided into two distinct periods: Steve Jobs’ and Tim Cook’s leadership. When people talk about innovation and creativity, their thoughts go straight to Apple Inc., the mogul responsible for creating the blueprint of technological success. Regardless of one’s opinion, the […]

The best inventors of the 21st century

Often the greatest leaps in technology we experience are all thanks to a handful of people who are gifted with the brains, charisma, influence, or vision to pivot humanity into a better future. These are 4 of the greatest inventors of the 21st century.  that together Steve Jobs  After meeting with Steve Wozniak during a […]