Medtech unveils BZ371A. Designed for Men. It'll Work Better for Women.

You’re looking at one of the most feared creatures on the planet. It’s the Brazilian Banana Spider. Its home is the Amazon basin and should you ever find yourself in that region, you need to be wary of it. Extremely wary. Because it’ll kill you, but not before painfully hardening your muscles, sending you into convulsions and accelerating your heart rate like the throttle of a motorbike getting stuck when it’s wide open. But whilst the Brazilian Banana Spider has been the subject of much well-founded fear, it has recently also been the subject of much well-founded hope, too. Enter BZ371A stage left.


Medtech researchers have created a synthetic version, which they’ve called BZ371A, of the one particular ingredient in the snake’s venom that, when introduced to the body, increases the amount of nitric oxide in that same body. Nitric oxide is, in direct contradiction to what the rest of the venom will do, a miracle molecule whose benefits to the human body are so numerous they’re still being assessed.

No doubt encouraged by Big Pharma to find an alternate solution for men with a fairly common middle-aged dysfunction, the researchers have almost certainly created something of real medicinal and sustenance value to the female of the species.

The well known treatment that helps men with their dysfunction but was originally intended to prevention hypertension and angina? BZ371A will certainly also end up having greater physiological benefit for another reason entirely. Because it’s astonishing the amount of benefits it promises for women who boost their bodies with nitric acid.

BZ371A Unleashes Nitric Oxide, which…

helps to promote leaner, stronger muscles

is nutrition for healthy bones

supports brain health

speeds up the healing process for body stress

and protects the heart

Is it just me, or is there something incredible going on here with nitric oxide? Not only does it facilitate in the creation of life, it plays a huge role in sustaining it.

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