From Jordan to Italy, with Love.

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BlueMed’s Submarine Cable to Connect the Mediterranean Internet

A new submarine cable, “BlueMed Sparkle” is about to turn the Mediterranean into the epicenter of connectivity, bridging Italy with France, and Greece, and even going as far as Aqaba, Jordan.

The real news here though is that it’s not just any cable, but rather the by-product of a collaboration between Google and other telecom giants. The initiative is a part of something much bigger: The “Blue Raman” submarine cable systems.

The BlueMed cable network is expected to extend all the way to Mumbai, India, with a system comprising four main pillars of private fiber that will deliver a jaw-dropping capacity reaching up to 25 terabits per second. Each fiber pair offers a one-of-a-kind extremely fast connection.

This news is not only relevant to businesses, internet services providers (ISP), and individuals in Jordan alone but also to its neighboring countries.

Founder and CEO of the Aqaba Digital Center, Iyad Abu Khorma, expressed his anticipation of the project. According to Abu Khorma, the company is “thrilled to welcome BlueMed to our data center. This is a big deal for us, serving Jordan and our neighboring markets.”

To the CEO, this strategic cooperation with Sparkle and BlueMed is all about bolstering the communication landscape and extending a continental reach between Europe, Middle Eastern countries, Africa, and Asia. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that this collaboration alone will open doors for a new wave of projects.

In parallel, Sparkle’s CEO, Enrico Maria Bañasco, also vocalized his anticipation for the project as he sees this as a never-seen-before opportunity to bring to fruition their great plan, BlueMed, to reality. Bañasco revealed that for his company, the partnership with the Aqaba Digital Center is a win-win situation for all parties involved. But the most important factor for Sparkle is that it will endorse the company’s Jordanian presence, considering the country’s current positioning in terms of the Middle Eastern digital transformation.

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