Meta Is Hanging by ‘Threads’

When Threads first launched, it lacked many of the features that users would expect from a service similar to Twitter’s (now X’s). However, in recent months, it has been adding more and more new features to provide users with a more diversified experience, such as polls, an easy way to post GIFs, and the ability to quote posts on the web.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram Chief, stated that they are working on developing an experience similar to X by creating a Tweet Deck experience.

According to reports Threads is currently developing an application programing interface (API).

An API would enable third-party developers to create services that connect to the platform, ultimately making it a more important part of the lives of social media users. For example, the API could be used to automatically share emergency alerts or weather information.

It could be useful for news publishers as well, though Mosseri has stated that he wants Threads to be more of a public square than a place for politics and hard news, which he reiterated a few weeks ago.

Threads Vs X

Mosseri previously stated that Threads will not amplify news, which may have disappointed publishers and readers looking to exit X. Threads, he says, wants to “empower creators in general.” Mosseri recently stated in an AMA on the platform that his team’s long-term goal is for Threads to become “the de facto platform for public conversations online,” which means being both culturally relevant and large in terms of user size.

He believes Threads has a chance to outperform X, but he recognizes that his service has a long way to go. For the time being, he keeps his team focused on improving people’s experiences week by week.

Unlike Threads, X which is run by Elon Musk is currently the center of news amid the hard times of the Palestinian– Israeli war. X is not able to take sides due to Elon Musk’s strategies and techniques. Granted these spaces people are resorting to the platform for news.

At the end of the day threads came from the rib of X.

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