Instagram Now Lets You Add Photos and Videos to Your Followers’ Dump

Meta-owned platform; Instagram introduces its latest feature.

Are you mad at your friend? Well, Instagram’s new feature will allow you to get a 21st century revenge.

Ready to know about what the feature is and its function? I won’t make you wait any longer! The latest Instagram feature allows you to add and edit photos and videos of your friends.

Revealed on a webcast on a social media network by Instagrams CEO Adam Mosseri, he stated that when users click on ‘Add to post’ they may add a picture or a video. The ‘Add to post button’ will appear in the bottom left corner of an Instagram post. The final say will be to the owner of the post who will either accept or decline.

As previously stated, the new functionality may eventually allow you to attach images or videos to other users’ posts. Nonetheless, the person who originally posted the post must accept the image or video you posted. Instagram carousel posts can currently contain up to ten images or videos.  It is possible that the platform will raise this limit if this feature is enabled. However, the company has not confirmed anything yet.

In addition, the platform is considering a feature that will allow users to use a short or looping video as their profile picture in Notes. We don’t know much about these features yet, but we’ll learn more as time goes on. According to reports, Instagram is hoping to increase user engagement with such features.

Though the goal of my Instagram post is to share my selection of pictures, I do understand Meta’s desire to develop fresh, original features that would boost user engagement. Although the feature may have some benefits, it also invades the personal space of the user. There are many questions that are running through our heads, and one of them is will this feature work in the same way if the account is private or public? The purpose of new features is to intrigue the users, but will this feature really intrigue us? Or will this feature increase our anxiety?

Once the feature is available, I promise you Instagram that you will never hear the end of it.

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