Microsoft stumbling on renewable energy pledges

In 2020, Microsoft publicly committed to zero carbon status not just for itself, but for its supply chain. The company itself is doing on track. But the emissions from most of its supply chain are not reducing, but increasing.

One particular supplier in Taiwan, Chicony Electronics, recently reported a 700% increase in emissions in one year, following a 230% increase the previous year.

This is a clear default by Microsoft, who perhaps should have been more careful in the wording of their promise to reach zero or even negative carbon figures.

Chicony is not alone. The following are some of the Microsoft suppliers have also reported increases in emissions.

SK Hynix, the world’s number two memory chip manufacturer and number three semiconductor company.

AAC Technologies, who provide smart technology enhancing user experience.

AMD, a computing innovations company.

Monolithic, a tech power solutions company.

NVIDIA, who manufacture graphics processors.

Other companies with emission increases, whose products and services are well known include Qualcomm, Dynapack, Intel, Micron and Samsung.

The emission data from these companies dates from 2022 end of year reports, with one or two exceptions from 2021.

Vision 2030 is looming

The world is six and a half years away from 2030, the globally accepted date when sustainability converts from corrective measures to policy and practice. If the tech giants of today cannot exert enough influence on their supply chain partners to toe the sustainability line towards zero carbon status, then the only thing that’s zero is the chances of Vision 2030 succeeding.

Watchdog Greenpeace posted this statement on their site in Q3  2022.

“All electronics brands, including suppliers, must achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030. Consumer electronics brands should require their suppliers to set renewable energy and emissions reductions targets and create incentives to ensure that these goals are met. Suppliers must select high-impact renewable energy sourcing methods to meet their targets.”

I think we need a response from the companies named in this report. Particularly Microsoft.

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