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Heavyweights Musk and Zuckerberg Head the Bill

Sorry, but that headline should read ‘head to the hill’ not ‘head the bill’. Because that’s where Elon and Mark are going. To Capitol Hill, to advise the lawmakers on how to deal with AI. But given their recent, rather silly pugilistic proclamations about a cage fight, what do you expect? So what could be […]

Microsoft stumbling on renewable energy pledges

In 2020, Microsoft publicly committed to zero carbon status not just for itself, but for its supply chain. The company itself is doing on track. But the emissions from most of its supply chain are not reducing, but increasing. One particular supplier in Taiwan, Chicony Electronics, recently reported a 700% increase in emissions in one […]

Generative AI War: Peace Was Apparently Never an Option

After Elon Musk criticized OpenAI’s filters that prevent generative AI from producing toxic content, he announced a generative AI war on Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and his own project, “TruthGPT.” After Elon Musk called for the pause of artificial intelligence (AI) development earlier this month, he came out of the woodwork declaring a generative AI war on […]

Meta Releases AI Model That Can Identify Items Within Images

 Facebook-owner Meta published an artificial intelligence model on Wednesday that can pick out individual objects from within an image, along with a dataset of image annotations that it said was the largest ever of its kind. The company’s research division said in a blog post that its Segment Anything Model, or SAM, could identify objects […]

Hello Ainstein! Robot With ChatGPT Shakes up Cyprus Classrooms

High school students and their tutors in Cyprus have developed a prototype robot powered with ChatGPT artificial intelligence technology to harness and improve teaching experiences in the classroom. Named AInstein, the squat robot created by three Pascal Schools in Cyprus stands roughly the size of a small adult and looks like a sculpted version of […]

Bill Gates Says Calls to Pause AI Won’t ‘Solve Challenges’

Calls to pause the development of artificial intelligence will not “solve the challenges” ahead, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told Reuters, his first public comments since an open letter sparked a debate about the future of the technology. The technologist-turned-philanthropist said it would be better to focus on how best to use the developments in AI, as […]

US FTC Seeking Information on Cloud Providers’ Market Power

The Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday it is seeking information from the public on cloud computing companies’ business practices including details on their market power, competition and potential security issues. The U.S. cloud computing business is dominated by four providers that include Inc , Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Oracle Corp. None […]

OpenAI Tech Gives Microsoft’s Bing a Boost in Search Battle with Google

The integration of OpenAI’s technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has driven people to the little-used search engine and helped it compete better with market leader Google in page visits growth, according to data from analytics firm Similarweb. Page visits on Bing have risen 15.8% since Microsoft Corp unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered version on Feb. 7, compared […]

Microsoft Unveils AI Office Copilot in Fast-Moving Race with Google

Microsoft Corp on Thursday trumpeted its latest plans to put artificial intelligence into the hands of more users, answering a spate of unveilings this week by its rival Google with upgrades to its own widely used office software. The technology company previewed a new AI “Copilot” for Microsoft 365, its product suite that includes Word […]