Monty Mobile’s Story RBT

Monty Mobile Story RBT

Telecoms’ operators are on a mission to show their endorsement to platforms driven towards online videos and stories via its latest innovation, Story RBT.

During 2020, an approximate 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic switched their attention towards platforms that provide one of our days’ most strived for services, online videos and stories.

With Monty Mobile, operators are maintaining their focus on giving their upmost support to such platforms by supporting and supplying subscribers with essential video and digital services to stay up to date with the latest over-the-top (OTT) competition. By delivering these OTT services, Monty’s operatives will provide individual consumers with appropriate tools that best suit their requirements.

The first stone into entertainment and multimedia has been laid out.

After establishing its market control for almost 10 years, audio Ring Back Tone (RBT) can now exercise its power by bestowing Monty Mobile’s subscribers with the appropriate means to access multimedia and entertainment.

Typically, RBT, offered by Telecom operators, enables subscribers to have complete freedom in setting music or personalized recorded sounds as ring back tones.

For Monty Mobile subscribers, the company has given its user base the ultimate freedom to personalize their call experience through RBT Story. It will grant callers with the choice to enable the video feature, which will permit subscribers to indulge in watching a video while receiving a phone call, thus, substituting the conventional and old-fashioned Audio RBT.

As the world continues to decipher pioneering ways of staying connected, merging customizable videos and audio content will give subscribers a brand-new approach of interacting with audience on social media through one of the most adopted Social Media features.

By accessing Story RBT’s personal library, end-users can pick and choose from a broad range of video clips or pictures, or even move further to producing customizable video and stories to be implemented as a Video Ring Back Tone. This functionality will feed users’ creativity with the right tools to express themselves in the upmost individualistic manner.

The service offers mobile subscribers prosperous multimedia options while laying out accessible and effortless management services. This includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD), SMS, Mobile Application and Web Portal.

Monty Mobile’s Story RBT platform will extend its line of services to supplying its userbase with the required tools to personalize and improve their content such as filters, colors stickers, text, captions, and filters. Subscribers have the absolute autonomy in producing any type of content to use for their callers, from photos to short video clips.

The process goes as following: once the call is assigned, the personalized video clip will appear on the recipient’s screen until the call is answered by the calling subscriber.

This will ensure untapped revenue and high Return on Information (ROI) for Monty’s operators while boosting average revenues per unit (ARPU) leading to consumers’ satisfactory and loyalty.

Give your subscribers the opportunity to capture and seize precious moments with Monty Mobile’s unique customizable video and more.

Learn more about Story RBT here.

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