MTN Zambia Deploys Ayoba, the free instant messaging app

MTN Zambia Deploys Ayoba, the free instant messaging app

Ayoba MTN Zambia’s free instant messaging app has been launched and deployed earlier this week, in collaboration with music app Simfy Africa. It is currently available for download on all major Android devices from the Google Play Store.

MTN Zambia’s Ayoba has many features, most notably, the ability for one to receive and send text messages, voice messages, images, video, audio and any other type of file to any of their contacts, irrespective of whether the recipient has the app or not, they only need to use their mobile device.

Bart Hofker, MTN Zambia CEO stated that “Ayoba is an exceptional new service that integrates high-end encryption security, innovation, and convenience of service to guarantee that MTN Zambia will provide their users with the utmost satisfaction when it comes to the digital experience.” 

Ben Hofker also added that 2020 has been a rough year so far, especially with the out of hand Coronavirus spread. People are getting easily discouraged these days and they need to look for a relief from their anxiety, or else it will topple on them and increase. That is why MTN Zambia is trying to offer its customers an opportunity for them to experience a brighter side of life during these challenging and dark times by embracing the use of innovative services such as Ayoba in order for users to stay connected with loved ones and family, and also to stay entertained.

MTN Zambia also stated that the Ayoba app will be free for download, and in addition to that users will not be charged for sending and receiving content. After the first initial three months of free data usage on Ayoba, users will be able to enjoy Ayoba bundles for as low as K1 in order for them to stay connected to loved ones and family, and to stay entertained.