5G and the Metaverse

Despite multiple tech giants working on it, the metaverse has yet to arrive in all its virtual glory. In addition, the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) has yet to be adequately adopted worldwide due to the public being satisfied and content with 4G. But once the metaverse is deployed, 5G adoption will skyrocket as […]

MTN South Africa announced the launch of two new MyMTN Home Uncapped speed-based plans on 5G, promising fast data speeds, low latency, increased reliability, and good coverage. As such, the company provides 5G across 125 coverage areas across South Africa’s provinces, and the home 5G contract plans are available for new or upgrading subscribers. Customers […]

MTN Nigeria kicked off its IPO for retail investors, placing 575 million of its shares up for grab, capped at $0.41 per share, according to the operator. As such, MTN Group President and CEO Ralph Mupita said: “With this offer, we will contribute to the further deepening of Nigeria’s equity capital markets. It is the […]

MTN Nigeria Communications PLC will open a public offering for its shares and a bid from institutional investors in a transaction totaling 575 million units, the operator said in a statement on Thursday. “This is the first step in MTN Group’s previously communicated statement of intent to sell down approximately 14 percent of its shareholding […]

East Africa’s largest telecom operator, MTN Uganda, announced on Monday its initial public offering (IPO) news of selling a 20 percent stake of 4.5 billion shares, setting the stage for the country’s largest IPO to date for the region’s leading telco. The operator’s IPO valuation was approved by the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda (CMA), […]

South Africa’s MTN have expressed their unlikeliness to resubmit a bid to enter Ethiopia’s telecoms market, Bloomberg reported citing sources familiar with the matter.   The company’s possible move, came after Ethiopia announced earlier this week plans to re-open bidding on second operator license including the right to operate mobile financial services.  This comes as a surprise to many, as […]

South African telecom giant MTN Group announced on Thursday that it expanded its 5G network coverage, within northern provinces of the country in Polokwane and Witbank. The company deployed 5G towers despite uncertainty regarding the allocation of new spectrum. “MTN is making strides with its 5G technology rollout strategy,” said Kagiso Moncho, MTN general manager […]

MTN Group plans to focus on its home continent after exiting the Middle East

On August 6, 2020, the South African Telecom giant, MTN Group, announced its plans to exit the Middle East “in an orderly manner”, starting with Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iran. According to Reuters, the company’s first step is to sell its 75% stake in MTN Syria to TeleInvest. Moreover, the company is expected to leave […]