MTN Backs Africa’s First Metaverse

Africa’s homegrown telco giant MTN is creating a village in Ubuntuland, Africa’s first metaverse.

The telco is keeping a promise it made 18 months ago.

Ubuntuland takes its name from the Zulu and Xhosa word Ubuntu, which means ‘humanity to others’. It’s an appropriated word to encourage respect and tolerance. It has been a much-needed tool in post-apartheid South Africa.

As MTN backs Africa’s first metaverse, two other high profile South African companies have followed their lead. Nedbank, one of the Big Four in the country’s banking system. And Primedia, Southern Africa’s most influential media group.

The backing of these South African giants is a marker set down for the digitalization of the community and the economy. By population percentage, this is an underserved market.

As reported by local news hub News24, Bernice Sanders of MTN said,

“The metaverse holds a wide array of opportunities to further enhance and showcase African innovation. So we’re excited to be pioneers of this journey on the continent.” 

The Internet, Augmented

The largely misunderstood metaverse itself is in its infancy, therefore still in development stage. Loosely described as a mixed reality platform, you have to imagine a virtual 3D world where you can engage in social media, indulge in multiplayer gaming, shop, bank – everything you do on the internet, in fact. But now you’re in an immersive environment which uses augmented reality.  For a company like MTN to create an entire village, means that you can personally talk to MTN and ultimately create services which are bespoke to you. Cyberspace is the generic term for this interaction.

For African tech giants to add their weight is a clear indication that the continent will progress into the digital age successfully.

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