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China is attempting to introduce its social credit systems into the metaverse, sparking concerns about privacy and freedom in virtual worlds.

Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate, a company at the forefront of real estate innovation. Is transforming the traditional home buying and selling process through artificial intelligence (AI). With its technology and forward-thinking approach. Unreal Estate is offering a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized journey for both buyers and sellers.  Unleashing the Potential of AI:  Firstly, unreal Estate harnesses […]

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Unlocking business success with Metaverse-as-a-Service. Discover the limitless potential of the digital realm with Shaffra Technologies Lab.

events in the metaverse

Crowds. I don’t like them very much, and I will avoid them at all costs. And I don’t know many people who do. Here comes the metaverse. It allows users to attend different events and gather from the comfort of their homes, especially using mixed reality (MR) technology. But the events in the metaverse are […]

The series of advancements happening in the metaverse can serve as an announcement for the people to know that the switch to the metaverse is not a matter of if but simply a matter of when. While every sector is figuring out how to jump into the metaverse, one industry has it all figured out. […]

digital marketing trends 2023

If you are a business owner interested in the latest digital marketing innovations, this article is right for you. We created this list of digital marketing trends for 2023 to help entrepreneurs stand out and get a competitive edge in the market. Statistics say that the digital marketing industry is predicted to reach $807 billion […]

If you still need clarification about where technology is heading in the future, then the Nokia mission and vision 2030 is here to clear your doubts. Nokia is the first in the market to innovate 4G and 5G. Today, it’s the first to set a clear technological plan that holds the latest vision for 2030. […]

transformative healthcare discussions

Previously on The Arab Health 2023 Saga, we discussed the conferences that opened essential discussions that will change and redefine medicine in the MENA region. Our interest in this article lies within the various meaningful, transformative healthcare discussions on which their fantastic line-up of speakers touched. Attendees heard from global visionaries making valuable evolutions in […]