Events in the Metaverse: Making Crowds Tolerable

events in the metaverse

Crowds. I don’t like them very much, and I will avoid them at all costs. And I don’t know many people who do. Here comes the metaverse. It allows users to attend different events and gather from the comfort of their homes, especially using mixed reality (MR) technology. But the events in the metaverse are especially convenient for disabled people, in particular wheelchair users and socially anxious individuals.

Let’s talk about it!

Convenience, Control, and Comfort

Let me get something out of the way: events in the metaverse require an investment for the full experience. You will end up investing in MR gear, meaning augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) gear.

Worldwide Attendance

Events in the metaverse can easily accommodate attendees from all around the world. In a single event, there could be attendees from all over the world, and you would be able to communicate and interact with them depending on your avatar’s proximity. Using the metaverse for big events allows companies to send representatives without incurring the typical costs of registration, travel, lodging, and dining as well. Finance departments worldwide are heavily considering this as it means avoiding sunk costs and questionable return on investments (ROI).


Nowadays, conformity is frowned upon. Individuals are encouraged to showcase their individuality through their avatar, granted the event permits it. For example, you wouldn’t expect a fellow dentist at a dental conference dressed like the tooth fairy, would you? But at Taylor Swift’s events in the metaverse, “Swifties” can show off their unique physics-breaking garments that would not be possible in real life otherwise.

A bonus point: no matter how outlandish an outfit is, the people behind you can still see the stage.

Cartoon Physics

Speaking of physics, the planners for these events in the metaverse can really employ grandiose theatrics in their shows, without causing harm, which is not possible in real life. Have you ever seen the singer Pink’s performances? She loves incorporating aerial acrobatics routines similar to those seen in Cirque du Soleil shows. But these routines require extensive preparation to ensure no harm is done to either the singer or the attendees.

Accessible for All

Different people have varying needs to properly function, such as access to basic necessities like food, water, a place to sit, and the bathroom. And usually, these necessities are not easily available or accessible at big events like metal concerts. In fact, if you are someone who struggles with a physical disability or even a mental one that relates to big crowds, metal concerts may not be safe for you to attend in person, for various reasons including mosh pits. But through mixed reality, you get to have as close of an experience without the dangers and close calls.

Final Thoughts

Despite the technology not being mature yet, the metaverse has a big part to play in events and their management. It offers new and exciting experiences for everyone, especially those who would not be able to be fully present in real-life. If you think the metaverse is one of the most enabling concepts of the last 20 years, just imagine how empowering it is for those with physical disabilities. It plays a part in promoting equity in this world.

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