Augmented Reality

Why VR Will Never Take Off

Virtual Reality (VR) has not seen as much success as its Augmented Reality (AR) counterpart. Many of the same problems that have plagued the industry for decades still exist today, preventing VR from taking off in any real sense.  Why Hasn’t VR Taken Off?   No matter how much hype we heard over the last decade, […]

VR Metaverse

Unless you have been under a rock for the last couple of years, you have most likely heard how the metaverse will bring about a new era of digital connectedness, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and e-commerce. With all that technology in mind, do you need VR for Metaverse access or to take part in the […]

What is Mixed Reality

Every few decades, a new technology takes the world by storm and transforms the way we do things in everyday life. The telephone made cross-continental communication possible, and the internet made our modern world a reality. Soon we will all be asking the question of what is a key feature of mixed reality technology? And […]

The recent coronavirus pandemic has been a big challenge for different sectors worldwide. The health industry has been put to the limelight due the large number of casualties and the inability of healthcare systems to ramp up their resources to face the rapidly escalating situation. In the background, the pandemic tested the readiness of various […]

Apple Headset Hints

As Apple Inc rolls out its usual stream of upgrades to operating systems for its iPhones, iPads and Macs at its annual software developer conference Monday, analysts and developers will be scouring between the lines for any hints about how a future mixed-reality headset might work. That headset is likely to use cameras to pass […]

Industrial Metaverse

While the entertainment sector of the Metaverse might not be very robust or brimming with fun content just yet, the industrial sector might see some metaverse technology adoption very soon. In an announcement by Microsoft, Kawasaki has signed on as a new customer for the company’s “industrial metaverse.” That is, factory employees wearing a HoloLens […]

Apple's ARVR Headset

It has been a while since Apple released a new gadget. Not a new model of a line of gadgets, but a new piece of hardware altogether. Soon we may see the release of the first new iGadget since the Apple Watch in 2015; Apple’s AR/VR headset. Most of Apple’s revenues, over 80 percent, come […]

AR world

In the near future, what we know about technology could be drastically shifted to take a new, more fresh turn. And some of the leading advocates of this change are the companies working on rising techs. Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are expected to be the pillars shaping the needed […]