Augmented Reality

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A select group of reporters had the opportunity to experience Apple Vision Pro and reported weight distribution issues.

Augmented Reality Wearables

Google is set to launch its new smart glasses, equipped with enhanced controls and augmented reality wearables.

Vision Pro

Wearing Apple Vision Pro glasses, you’ll have the freedom to traverse simply using your eyes, hands, and voice. As if it is physically there.

Augmented reality in mobile gaming and entertainmentm is creating immersive experiences and blending fiction with reality.

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Meta Platforms has unveiled Meta Quest+, a virtual reality subscription service priced at $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

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The internet is ablaze with opinions on Apple Vision Pro's mixed reality, ranging from legitimate concerns to unwarranted criticism.

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Some fans feel that Tim Cook has shoes too big to fill. That is until now. Introducing Apple Vision Pro: The next evolution in mixed reality.

events in the metaverse

Crowds. I don’t like them very much, and I will avoid them at all costs. And I don’t know many people who do. Here comes the metaverse. It allows users to attend different events and gather from the comfort of their homes, especially using mixed reality (MR) technology. But the events in the metaverse are […]