Mixed Reactions to Apple Vision Pro's Mixed Reality

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The internet is ablaze with opinions on Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality, ranging from legitimate concerns to baseless conjecture and unwarranted criticism.

  • Priced at a hefty $3,499, the Vision Pro’s high cost has disappointed many.
  • The potential for triggering nausea has worried people.
  • There is a threat to Apple’s other devices considering the all-in-one device.

Ah, the internet. The only place in the galaxy where you will see opinions flying left and right about anything and everything. And the mixed reactions to Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality do not disappoint. Some of them are legitimate concerns and others are either complete conjecture or hate comments for the sake of hating Apple.


Experiencing Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality will cost you an astounding $3,499. Enough said. And honestly, I get people’s disappointment at such a big price tag. I think there are a couple of reasons why the price tag is so high. First, this Apple we are talking about here. They neither create cheap stuff nor sell stuff for cheap. It is such a household name that when you buy any of its products, you are buying the name as well. There’s a reason almost all Apple iPhone cases show off the bitten Apple. Second, this is not another option under the VR\AR category. This powerful device has created a unique category for itself.

The Threat of Nausea

The Vision Pro’s mixed reality faces a significant obstacle. The same one that dissuaded Microsoft from following through with their iteration of HoloLens. VR headsets trigger severe nausea in a significant portion of the population. It is estimated that between 10-30% of individuals have an adverse response to VR, as the imperfect visuals of VR can trick the brain into perceiving symptoms similar to the blurred vision from poisoning, leading to nausea and even vomiting. That is indeed a valid concern. I can’t wait to see what they come up with as a solution for this.

Inter Device Cannibalization

Apple’s Vision Pro’s mixed reality could “cannibalize” its other products. The Vision Pro presents a unique dilemma, unlike other Apple devices that encourage multitasking and coexist harmoniously. This all-in-one headset seems to replace the displays of multiple Apple devices, including the MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Not to mention, its integrated audio drivers eliminate the need for AirPods. This poses a significant threat to Apple’s hardware ecosystem.

There’s a slight flaw in the logic, however. The headset has a 2-hour runtime and it’s considerably bulky. It’s not like you get a call and suddenly you whip it out from your backpack in the middle of a wake. You know? There is a time and place for it. It maybe be an all-included package but it’s not exactly for the person on the go.

Here’s What Some People Had to Say so Far

A Reddit post on r/virtualreality asked users their thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality. “It’s definitely A LOT more niche than I thought,” user beatsbyjules said. “I was hoping for more casual consumer benefits as someone would get from the Oculus, etc.”

The product hasn’t launched yet. In fact, the release is a good four months away, at least. This is similar to when the iPhone launched without the bells and whistles and in one country. A year later, you had what we now recognize as an iPhone. Let’s be patient.

Another Reddit user, Pippineddu, expressed his grievances with the marketing saying: “I hate their emphasis on “you can use this to look at photos and videos.” […] I hate they chose to make this nostalgia machine or glorified TV.”

They are trying to sell Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality. And while the average person may enjoy gaming, it won’t be enough to make VR go mainstream. If they don’t market the common grounds, they risk truly falling into a niche.

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