OpenAI Launches New AI Model with Advanced Safety Features 

OpenAI is on the verge of revolutionizing AI with its new AI model. Find out how it will impact chatbots, digital assistants, and etc.

OpenAI announced the start of its new AI model, expected to outperform GPT-4. 

Guess What’s New with New AI Model Features 

“OpenAI has recently begun training its next frontier model and we anticipate the resulting systems to bring us to the next level of capabilities on our path to AGI”, said the company in a blogpost.  

The new AI model will operate various AI products, such as chatbots, digital assistants similar to Apple’s Siri, search engines, and image generation tools. 

Safety and Security Committee to Mitigate AI Risks 

To address all the risks linked to previous versions of the famous ChatGPT, and mainly the ones related to safety, OpenAI decided to form a Safety and Security Committee. 

This committee will handle all risk mitigation that may arise from this new AI model potentially upcoming emerging technological advancements, it will be led by Sam Altman and other board members. 

The Microsoft-backed company’s main goal is to accelerate the advancement of AI technology, while tackling all the concerns regarding the potential dangers of such technology, including misinformation spread job displacement, and existential risks.  

The determination and focus on the importance of somehow eliminating these concerns aims at avoiding any legal action to be taken in the future, especially that the company had been sued by many companies for committing many acts without their prior consent, such as being sued by several newspaper over unauthorized article use. 

One of the most recent incidents OpenAI faced was the Scarlette Johanson fiasco with the allegation of the company allegedly implementing the movie star’s voice to train GPT-4o’s voice assistant without prior consent. 

Final Thoughts 

In parallel, during the development of the new AI model, the Safety and Security Committee will ensure to establish policies and procedures to safeguard this technology. 

This latest move by OpenAI is considered a major step forward, but users’ privacy remains a significant concern, as the new AI model is based on processing and learning from a huge amount of personal data. 

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