Ooredoo Group steps up customer support during Coronavirus

Ooredoo Group steps up

Ooredoo Group has taken measures to support its customers across its digital footprint as the Coronavirus continues to spread, with digital solutions and relief measures,

Ooredoo engineers are currently sharing knowledge online internationally that will better serve and support their customers.

With the current surge in online usage, Ooredoo Group have drastically optimized network performance and increased internet speeds, thus further facilitating social distancing, and online education via homeschooling and access to home entertainment. Engineering teams from Ooredoo are working 24/7 to ensure that customers can continue enjoying high quality internet despite noticeable pressure on the network caused by the surge in social media usage and video consumption. Furthermore, Ooredoo Group are aiding businesses in establishing corporate resilience, maintaining operations and making sure business continuity is safe with a range of secure and immersive digital solutions.

Ooredoo Qatar has its digital business experts supporting a vast range of organizations across the country, from all sizes. They are working on developing remote working capabilities, with unified communications and collaborations. Ooredoo Group are already witnessing great demand for some of these remote working solutions, such as Ooredoo Conferencing and Ooredoo Business Collaboration with Cisco WebEx Teams, that all provide a safe and secure set of collaboration tools.

In Kuwait, Ooredoo have launched the first eShop for business customers and are ensuring home delivery of the orders. They are also developing a videoconferencing solution using WebEx that will be available in the near future.

In Oman, Ooredoo have made significant upgrades to business customers’ data service, motivating them to work remotely and utilize digital platforms like Skype for Business.

Ooredoo Myanmar are working on expediting their launch of Cisco WebEx Teams, as well as work-from-home internet solutions. Indosat Ooredoo have designed and deployed a special mobile package for businesses.

Ooredoo Maldives is offering SuperNet Business, enabling businesses to connect with employees and enable work from home. They are also providing private connections so that teams can securely access their intranet applications and conferencing services.

In light of the challenging times we are currently facing, Ooredoo have launched a relief program to help customers that were affected by the Coronavirus in Palestine, Algeria, and Iraq. This program increases the payment flexibility of business customers and enables them to continue providing their services so that businesses will continue running smoothly.

Ooredoo Group have also launched a global initiative of a series of informative videos containing useful health and safety tips that raise awareness on staying safe during the Coronavirus. In Algeria, Ooredoo have given free access to the Algerian Ministry of Health website for customers to stay informed on the latest news. In Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia and the Maldives, Ooredoo is making sure that users make all transactions online or by using the company’s app.

In further efforts of encouraging people to stay at home, a number of Ooredoo companies have increased their network performance to provide enhanced internet speeds to customers. Ooredoo Qatar launched its #StayAtHomeWithOoredoo campaign, giving customers free bonus data, and higher internet speeds with no extra charge. In their attempts to help parents and students with homeschooling, Indosat Ooredoo, Ooredoo Palestine, and Oman have all upgraded internet subscription of education content, and are currently in talks with iMadrassa and other educational institutions to explore how they can support students during the quarantine period.